Spell casting

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Spell casting
Post # 1
I am kinda new to the magic thing(not meditating and stuff)
and when i try to summon, cast, lil heat, etc. most of em dont work(not that i tried many times)

In some that "looks" simple i can feel something, and the most basic spell i tried was body warmer i actually got warm like 1-2 min later but then it got too hot and i "stopped" the spell it may just be random stuff that happend
but i wanna know how i can easy(not like super fast or easy) learn to control some sort of element, or spell that other know worked and how long they tried to master the spell. and it cant have been like randomness. and tell me the big difrence between the sortes of magic and can i control em all?
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Re: Spell casting
Post # 2
First off, you don't "control" or "master" magic or elements. You can manipulate and use them but not "control" or "master" them. Now, magic is something you can't just learn in a matter of days. It takes alot of practice to use magic. It's not "easy" like you think it is. It takes alot of time and concentration. There's a big difference between the different sort's of magic. I advise you to learn and study about all the different sort's of magic before you try to "master" it/all of them. I have some questions for you: How long have you been doing magic? Have you learned all your basics? Which element are you closly related and attracted to?
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Re: Spell casting
Post # 3
Headi useless post, if your just gonna say a buch of stuff to not anwer the question dont bother, i wanna have a simple(not long to master) that dosnt really have to do much just give me something that prooves that the spells on this page does work. and i know not all of them do. and i wanna now info and white "grey" and black magic (
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