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Forums -> General Info -> Fire.

By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
There are many members who seem to wish to be able to control fire. Some claim to be able to do it already. But mostly, the ones who want to do this, why I have no idea, simply do not know what fire is, or what combustion means. So let me explain.
An explosion is the changing of a solid into a gas. There two kinds, low explosive, and high explosive.
Combustion (the actual changing) is caused by a series of "ignitions". So a match is a low explosive.When struck, the match changes into a gas, but slowly.This "fire" can be transferred to other combustible material; a candle wick, paper. Both of these are "simple ignitions". Higher ignitions need to have "primers". Match, paper,small sticks, bigger sticks, logs, coal! Once a fire is started it cannot be controlled by the Mind!
No more than Niagara Falls could be controlled by the Mind. Anyone who thinks it can, is deluded. Now, I know that many people, especially the young, will claim that they can control fire. What they really mean is that sometimes they can "seem" to control flame. If you stand close to a fire, your body heat will sometimes cause the air around you to "disturb"; and sometimes the flame will come towards you, sometimes go away from you. It looks real; but it is a delusion. Very much like psi wheels spinning!
So all you pyromaniacs, remember that fire is a low explosive. Dynamite is a high explosive! Both are changing solid into gas;fire does it "slowly", Dynamite does it instantly.
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Re: Fire.
Post # 2
am new to this site and to your ways,firstly i tried to fly but to no avail then i tried to make a fire still nothing..ever since my imagination has been a second world,in there i control alot and am powerful..i want my imaginary fire power!
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Re: Fire.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
So long as it is imaginary that's okay! You can fly in astral travel. Or have astral fire. Just do not mistake the imaginary for the real! Fire is dangerous!
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Re: Fire.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Fire is fire, it is (to me) something that is in a high temp. Space, the galaxy, and be-on has signatures of heat and cold. The way some Scientists look at this is that you cannot create heat or cold. When something is cold, lets say an ice cube, it will suck in any nearby heat. Like a vacum in space sucking out the air in a space station. Heat is the same in a way, when you cook your cold frozen fish, heat will go in the ice. It may not happen right away or anytime soon if it is low or close to the same temp.

Minds are powerful, we can do so much if we put our mind to it. Forgive the pun. But we are unable to control a lot of factors into the world. We still try to seek for control because we are scared when we loose control or never had it. We even sometimes want control just to feel the great feeling we have when everything goes the way you want it. My point is, wanting control is human nature. That is how we survived for so long and why we almost killed ourselves in a genocide. But to control and stop the nature of heat and cold? That is very Wiccan or Pagan I believe.

P.s. Thanks Brysing, useful info and others imput is a grand way to teach. Even if people think otherwise.

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Re: Fire.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Please understand. I am not talking about "heat"; I am talking about fire! An electric kettle will give heat; as will an electric toaster. That is not what I am talking about!
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