Need help with spells

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Need help with spells
Post # 1
Hello wonderful people. I seek some assistance with a spell or two. You see my girlfriend is wiccan and is very saddened by the fact she has a hard time practicing do to a controlling Christian mom who thinks its all "devil worship" and the fact she can find a coven to practice with. I my self have a little interest in it; have been involve in a few rituals and even done 2 spells myself (but those spell i did were quick thrown together ones we jokingly call "ghetto-craft"). But anyway, i wanted to surprise her by preparing 3 spell for the 3 charms her charmed bracelet i got her for valentines day. but i really dont know what to do and need help. The charms i want to bless are:

A pearl (her birth stone) as seen here

A purple glass mix as seen here

and a red gemed five point pin wheel seen here

Now i was thinking of "peace of mind" spell for the glass, something involving "purity" for the Pearl, and the Red one i dont know. i also plan on getting her a forth one that is onxy and do a protection spell on that (dont worry about that one she has one planed for it). And the final thing is i was thinking a "recharge" spell for the bracelet that me and her could do every month.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I really dont know what to do. and sorry for the long text.

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Re: Need help with spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
All you have to do is cast a circle and maybe set some candles around it(Candles are optional) and say "I bless the ring in the name of The Lady and the Lord for the purpose of protecting ____ (Insert name) Then just send your energy into it but, you might want to purify the ring with consecrated water first if they have been in your house a long time so you remove any negative energy that is inside the metal or whatever it is made of. So just ask for help from the deities(Whom ever you worship or if you don't have any deities you worship you could always ask for help from the energies of the universe or something. Then state your purpose and whom this is to be used for.
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