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Edit Permissions
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1

There is a new feature on the site, coven leaders should take note and members should inform their leaders to read this post.

The new feature is called Edit Permissions and can be set by editing your coven info at the bottom of the page. It is on by default and it is recommended that you leave it on.

First this setting will only effect your spells and articles which are marked as 'public'. Private items will still remain to be private.

This setting (when set to On) will allow editors to edit your spells and articles, and to promote articles to the new 'Featured Articles' page. Editors are not permitted to change spells or articles, but only fix typos, improve formatting and so on.

Edited articles are then sent for approval to Publishers. Publishers are members (usually promoted from Editors) who are trusted and skilled enough to select good edits from bad edits and approve or disapprove any edits. It is the Publisher who will then make the changes live. This second set of eyes helps ensure the best editing possible.

Articles and spells may still be edited by coven members without the need of a publisher, just like they have always been edited.

Here's the thing coven leaders need to know. Once an article's edit or promotion has been approved by a publisher that article may not longer be edited by coven members in the normal fasion. It may still be edited, however, any changes must be approved by Publishers before made live on the site.

This is to ensure the quality of edited articles.

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Re: Edit Permissions
Post # 2

I have a question! I am a counselor in Penta Magic and I was wondering if there was a possible way to separate a coven forum into two parts, like one for general chatter and the other for teachings, or lessons, or the like?

I shared this idea with the Priestess and Priest but they haven't responded.. I do not even think the Priestess has even logged in since January....

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Re: Edit Permissions
Post # 3
I love how this question has nothing to do with Editors or Spells.

Anyway, there isn't a way to exactly split the coven forum.

But there are ways to compensate for this desire:

Lessons, could be added as rituals, but the downfall to this is that rituals are so very rarely looked at.

You could make a specific thread for general chatter, sticky it, and let the members know that that is the designated place for it.

Or, you could leave general chatter, to the coven chat, as it is a chat room and tends to be good for such concerns.
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Re: Edit Permissions
Post # 4

Alright, thank you for you help!

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Re: Edit Permissions
Post # 5
You're welcome. :)
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Re: Edit Permissions
Post # 6
ok im helping penta magic shoud we make one prest and prestess for the mean time?
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