Desperate Times - HELP!!!

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Desperate Times - HELP!!!

Desperate Times - HELP!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
My family is hitting rock bottom in this economy, and I fear that it's only getting worse. My mother has been on disability due to a combination of fibromyalgia and physical back, hip, neck, and wrist problems.

Now, Social Security in its infinite wisdom has cut her off. My family now has only one income, which is the meager pay of a high school janitor.

That means that I am dire need of a job so I can pay for college, help my family, and actually get some much needed pocket change. I've applied at a few places, and will keep searching for a job, but I need something to boost my chances. Under normal circumstances, I'd use a regular charm (a friend of mine made one for me), but clearly God has other plans.

This is a desperate plea for help. Please, if you read this, help me! The family needs it!
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Re: Desperate Times - HELP!!!
Post # 2
God wont test you with something you cannot deal with. take a look into patent drafting. i also hear theres good money in assitantship. like someone asks you to arrange their hotel and car rental reservations on a bussiness trip. these things can be easily arranged on the internet, but busy people simply dont ahve the time to do so. so they hire asian guys for that.

i hope you come out into the open soon. with my best wishes!
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Re: Desperate Times - HELP!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Try a luck or a wealth spell to get some money back into your pocket. Also if you have any special skills or things you are good at you can apply for a job that incoporates those things and also maybe there are a few neighbors that need your help mowing lawns, raking leaves, taking out the trast or cleaning their pool so just be creative and think of something that will help.
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