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Post # 1
I cast a sort of unorthodox spell. I meditated and built up a lot of dark energy, hatred and anger, and concentrated it into something of a psi ball. I stated my intentions and reasons to the spirit world and asked them to send this energy away from me and towards my intention (or if they didn't deem it worthy to simply send it away from me and give it back to the universe). I felt the presence of spirits very strongly in the room.

When I was finished I released the energy into the universe and the EXACT moment I did it started raining outside and rained for about an hour. Is this a good/bad sign or does it mean anything?
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Re: Raining
Post # 2
It was also actually the first rain we've had all year around here... oddly enough.
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Re: Raining
Post # 3
Well if the first rain you've had it's probably a good thing. Maybe all of your bottled up negative energy was causing it to not rain i your area and when you released it was like the "curse" (for lack of better term) was lifted.
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Re: Raining
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
It was more than likely the universe returning the energy to mother earth. When this happens, the energy becomes pure energy.
Good job on the results, not many get a quick response from nature like that. -^^-

I had an experience like that, but it did rain. It happened when I was in a very negitive relationship, and I was asking the universe to help me and give me courage to get through my hard time. I meditated on the thought for a good hour or so. I finally opened my eyes and heard my spirit friend say the words, "Look up...You'll get a surprise." clearly. His words surprised me. I looked up at the stars above, the moon had already moved across the sky. Suddenly, I saw a comet of some sort shoot across the sky. I've watched things like this many times, but it was different from anything I have ever seen. It was a bright green and red color, the tail stretched very far across the sky. To be honest, I stared in awe, slightly frightened.

Now, I'm really happy in a new relationship. I finally found the confidence to get through and say what I needed to say.

Lol, I don't know if my story was useful to you or not, but I wanted to let you know that it is more than likely a good thing. I really hope you get what you need to get what you want.~
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Re: Raining
Post # 5
Yeah to be honest I'm completely inexperienced in magic but I've always had a fairly strong psychic connection, I think that's why I was able to get something even though it was only the second "spell" I ever cast. It's a little disappointing to me that that probably means it's going back to mother earth, but I can't exactly argue now can I? hahaha
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