Dark side

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Dark side
Post # 1
Well this happened a couple of months ago..I'm testing how much dark energy i can hold and after the test i felt dizzy and fall asleep. When i woke up, i feel that my dark side is taking control of my body. I can see what is happening. I posted it because i wanted to know how to control my dark side.
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Re: Dark side
Post # 2
Dark side huh?
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Re: Dark side
Post # 3
Hm...I am not to experinced. But I may help a little.

For what I think. If there is nothing
thatis umm, in you or sealed in you your
dark side is your emotions, bad feelings
mixed with that dark energy. Please. Magick
is real stuff and we are NOT rping. So you
don't have to say that '' A demon is sealed
in me '' just to show off or look strong.
And I am not saying that you are doing it
. Just saying. Anyway back to the topic.

To control that ''dark side'' you can make
''Spiritual Detox'' I think this is what
it is called. You make it by using 1 of 4 elements
. I prefer your own element but here is a list
of what you can do. They are really simple.
Oh. This is not Spiritual Detox but it can help you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
-Light a candle. Yes it is that simple.
Fire is a great element that has abilty
to clean negative energy. It will make
your dark side weaker and give you time to control it.

-Flowers and Sand. I prefer sand but
oh well. Anyway. If you choose sand
. Take as much as sand that fits your palm.
Visualise that negative energy enters that
sand and gets destroyed in it. Earth takes
all in and gives back good ones. Earth
produces everything any living creature
would need. It is also a great element
that will make your bad side weak if you
do the following. As for flowers... Use
leaves or petals. But Demeter
(Greek Myth:Goddes of Farming And Plants (I think))
will be angry :P Just a joke...Or is it?

-t is similiar to earth. However,water
deals more uhh damage I think. Water will
cause more damage to that dark side. Since
it is the best cleaner for energies. Enter
shower and take a bowl of water in front of
you. Meditate and imagine that water being
brighter and brighter. Do it as much as you
please. Then take the bowl and wash yourself.

-One of my favorites. Easiest and deals
moderate weakening to the dark side. On
windy day go outside. Turn your back to
wind and feel how wind licks your back.
Close your eyes and see this version of
this place. Small blue lines flying towards
your body as wind. And uhh... Your body
as a programmed character. I mean cyber view.
Like you are only squares and lines. Anyway.
Visualise that dark side as a purple ball
in the place you want in your body. Now
remember the blue lines? They are like lazer.
Wind fires its lazor at you :) anyway enough
jokes. Visualise those blue lines hit that
dark ball and cause holes in it. After it
gets lesser then half, try to control it.
`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
Hope that helps
Sorry I had to cut in pieces or it wont show it good :(

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