Old spirit

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Old spirit
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
How do you know I you are a old spirit? I think I am one. Ive always been more mature than my friends. And when people guess my age they always guess aroung 18 or 20 when I'm only 14. They say that I act extremely mature for my age. My level of thinking is very different from the guys from um school. My friends make fun of teachers and they would think that it's funny. I would think that it is extreme disrespectful and rude. Some people would think that they are so funny and stuff, and I would stay out of their group and avoid them because I know that they'll never have a successful future when they grow up. When I talk to people ahoy these kids in school I would always say, "these kids these days...." never, "kids my age" or "my friends". Saying "kids these days" just sounds more right. I've took almost every Indigo test online, and they've all said that I was a indigo child. An indigo child is someone who is a very old soul. And yes, I have some psychic abilities. And I've always shown interest in the paranormal since I was a little kid. I've always felt so different from the kids from this "new" world. What do you think of this?
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Re: Old spirit
Post # 2
Ur just a gud boy, nothing more.
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Re: Old spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I am similar to you, have always been older than my years.. but still do not know if I am of older spirit..

All I can suggest to you is find your innerself.. meditate and go deeper to see where it and your spirit guides take you.. good luck :)
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