happyness :)

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> happyness :)

happyness :)
Post # 1
i was wondering if anyone knew a spell i can cast on my gf she has been real sad lately and i cant help her so i really need a spell thank you all :))
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Re: happyness :)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Instead of casting a spell on her to be happy why not help her to be happy with the actions you do. If her sadness is due to a situation it will pass and life will go one. You should be helping her through this mundanely not with magic. If this is an on going thing perhaps she is depressed and need to see a councilor. With depression or another emotional problem magic will not help the situation but actually make it worse. If this is the case then she needs professional help. In the mean time light a candle for her and send her good thoughts and energy. This is the closest thing to spell to make her happy as you want to ethically get.
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Re: happyness :)
Post # 3
yeah i am helping her, but there isn't much i can do cos the problem was 2 years ago but it keeps coming bak into her head and making her sad i sent her a psi ball last night while she was sleeping and she has woken in a great mood :)) mabey thats all i need to do every time she starts thinking bout what happened
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Re: happyness :)
Post # 4
I very much agree with Kts here , spells are not going to make her any happier facing things the mundane way is the answer.
Until she can actually work through the issue move past it and let it go there is very little you can do, be supportive and like Kts suggested send her positive energy.
I'm afraid this is something she has to do herself when she feels ready.

Good luck and blessing.
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Re: happyness :)
Post # 5
thankyou :) what ways can i send her happieness just with a psi ball or? im kinda new sorry
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