Su cuy'gar

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Su cuy'gar
Post # 1
Su cuy'gar i am shon, i dont know much about magic, mostly because no one will teach me, most say i have no chance of useing it, but i continue to try.

I love wolf's, i love their pack mentality, and everything else about them, oh and i have insite on why they howl at the moon, i think one reason is sorrow, they howl in sorrow and in honor of lost pack members, ones that have died of left the pack.

Oh and lastly Su cuy'gar is hello in Mando'a.
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Re: Su cuy'gar
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
The wolf howl is a means of communication. They do not actually howl at the moon; they howl at each other, as a means of gathering the pack together, and as a warning to other packs. They do sometimes howl at one of the pack being hurt or dying; just as dogs will. (All dogs are descended from wolves). If you wish to learn magic you could go to Newbie Central on this site.
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Re: Su cuy'gar
Post # 3
I didn't mean at the moon, put that there by mistake, i know all those reasons already, and thanks but im not dumb i know what newbie central is.
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Re: Su cuy'gar
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
There is no need to be snotty about the answer Brysing has given you. There are so many who come to this site looking for information that seem to be so out of touch that they can't find information on their own. If this is the way you respond when someone does try to teach you I can see why you can't find a teacher. I suggest taking a step back and looking at your actions. Then move forward by being your own teacher and researching the information you are looking for. There is a search on the site and of course there is always google.
Meditation is the cornerstone of magic I suggest gaining a strong foundation with it.
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