Goddess: Nyx

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Goddess: Nyx
Post # 1
NYX (Nux), Nox or Night personified. Homer (Il. xiv. 259, &c.) calls her the subduer of gods and men, and relates that Zeus himself stood in awe of her. In the ancient cosmogonies Night is one of the very first created beings, for she is described as the daughter of Chaos, and the sister of Erebus, by whom she became the mother of Aether and Hemera. (Hes. Theog. 123, &c.) According to the Orphics (Argon. 14) she was the daughter of Eros. She is further said, without any husband, to have given birth to Moros, the Keres, Thanatos, Hypnos, Dreams, Momus, Oizys, the Hesperides, Moerae, Nemesis, and similar beings. (Hes. Theog. 211, Cic. de Nat. Deor. iii. 17.) In later poets, with whom she is merely the personification of the darkness of night, she is sometimes described as a winged goddess (Eurip. Orest. 176), and sometimes as riding in a chariot, covered with a dark garment and accompanied by the stars in her course. (Eurip. Ion, 1150; Theocrit. ii. in fin.; Orph. Hymn. 2. 7; Virg. Aen. v. 721; Tibull. ii. 1. 87; Val. Flacc. iii. 211.) Her residence was in the darkness of Hades. (Hes. Theog. 748; Eurip. Orest. 175; Virg. Aen. vi. 390.) A statue of Night, the work of Rhoecus, existed at Ephesus (Paus. x. 38. ? 3). On the chest of Cypselus she was represented carrying in her arms the gods of Sleep and Death, as two boys (v. 18. ? 1).

Posted but NOT written by: Priestess Sempiterna
"Member of Divine Essence"
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Re: Goddess: Nyx
Post # 2

Even if you tell us you didn't write it, you still have broken laws by not giving credit to who has.
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Re: Goddess: Nyx
Post # 3
Although if the original author is not listed visibly, or easily found, not giving credit is usually o.k.

Plagiarism is taking credit for what isn't yours, this isn't plagiarism.

Although, I do not agree with it being posted like this, personal insight or self-rewording would have been less worthy of ridicule.
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Re: Goddess: Nyx
Post # 4
This is basicly an auther unknown one. I have not been able to find who wrote it at all.
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Re: Goddess: Nyx
Post # 5
Source : Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology
By William Smith - I. B. Tauris (2007) - Hardback - 3718 pages - ISBN 1845110021

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