Love Spell Ethics?

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Love Spell Ethics?
Post # 1
Hello! I am iffy on love spells because there are so many different types but I want to hear some opinions from members about whether or not it's ethical to cast a love spell. Mainly I have been pulled between two sides on the issue.

One side says that love spells are wrong because they instill false feelings, and once the spell wears off to balance out the karma the person responds with and equal measure of hate as the measure of love that was felt during the spell. This theory says that love spells are pure manipulation.

The second side says that love spells are ethical because they raise feelings the person already had for you but they didn't know it. In other words, the person already loved you but didn't know how to express it, you wore meant to be but you sped up the process, ect.

I have never done a love spell but I was thinking that once I got out of college I should try a mate locator spell. I don't think lust spells are ethical but would a love spell be considered ethical because it deals in deeper feelings than physical attraction or would that only mean greater manipulation. And what do you think about mate locator spells?

I would like some opinions because I want to cast a locator spell for my mate down the line but I don't want to manipulate anyone. Please help me by telling me your opinions of the ethics of love spells! Thanks!
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Re: Love Spell Ethics?
Post # 2
It depends on the intent of what you are doing. If you make a potion that will FORCE someone to love you that is bad. But if you do a spell to find or know your true love that's fine.
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Re: Love Spell Ethics?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I think it's okay as long as your not casting it on a specific person. If you do a love spell and the person chooses to love you that's fine in my opinion.
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