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Coven Page Controls
Post # 1
This thread may not be entirely appreciated, but I was wondering if any of the other priests and priestesses on the site would find easier controls for setting up coven front pages helpful.

In the past I have had to fight with the "Long Description" box in order to put the words I wish to use to describe my coven. I know some coding for the site (bolding, underlines, and italics) and have used it in my front page in order to make things easier to read, to put more emphasis in certain places, and to overall make the front page look better.

Generally speaking, I like using the front page, and I like using coding for the front page. The thing about using the coding (as many of you priests and priestesses and former priests and priestesses know) is that it makes looking at the front page in the "Long Description" box a real pain because you have to sit and decipher what your words say after you've typed them in.

Now I know many of you'll ask, "why not just save it on a separate file?" Well, I have. But when minor changes need to be made, such as a change in priest/ess, a spelling correction, adding emphasis where there wasn't any before, etc, you have to go dig up your records, pull out the original work you put up, make corrections to that saved file, save it, then copy it, go into the "Long Description" box, paste it in, and finally save the front page.

Another issue that comes with saving it is when the priest or priestess changes and a new one comes in, they or the other leader have to sit down and change the coding, and they may not have the saved file, so they literally have to stare at the screen, looking for a needle in a haystack (staring at that coding gives about the same experience). If you've been a priest or priestess or currently are a priest or priestess you'll know exactly what I mean, especially with the little coding things for paragraphs.

And sometimes saving pages doesn't work at all and you end up with messed up coding either way.

All I'm really wondering is if it is possible for the site to get easier controls for the front pages of covens. No, I'm not expecting change overnight, nor am I sure if I expect any kind of change at all. But I am curious if other leaders (both past and present) agree with me on this.
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Re: Coven Page Controls
Post # 2
Thank you for bringing this up Neorsa.

It truly is bothersome. Sometimes it can hours to edit simple HTML coding.
When I enter the Edit page, it pushes all the tags down adding tags every time, giving me new tags to erase when all I really need to do is check something like spelling.

It would be amazing if the system was fixed to stay the way it was saved.
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Re: Coven Page Controls
Post # 3
Guess we are alone in this Nallius. XD
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Re: Coven Page Controls
Post # 4
Perhaps everyone finds something useful in how it works. lol
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Re: Coven Page Controls
Post # 5

*is hopeful that the coven pages will soon follow the current page options*

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