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Coven Promotion
Post # 1
It seems that promoting members to leadership positions in covens has become limited.
I believe it's newer account that can not be promoted.

Could anyone tell me how old the account must be in order for it be promoted?
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Re: Coven Promotion
Post # 2
The account to be promoted must be 3 months old.

Or at least that is what Pet said when he was talking about the change within chat a few days back Alias.
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Re: Coven Promotion
Post # 3
Thank you greatly, Neorsa.
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Re: Coven Promotion
Post # 4
I believe Neo is correct on this, and I think its an excellent idea. As many members are constantly creating multiple accounts, and a few people only to hand off reins of a Coven amongst themselves. This ideal proves to be a huge hindrance for many reasons, when Coven creation was available a couple factors were looked at such as the substance of which a new Coven was suggested and whether or not the person presenting said Coven was eligible to become a Priest or Priestess. Meaning if you Coven ended up deleted or Admin had to remove you as P/P you were no longer eligible.

Also I understand that some decide to run a Coven completely on their own. which I can not say I am for or against though it creates the possibility of a few unwanted scenarios. Say a member has made P/P out of two of their own accounts, and they become absent for long periods of time, or get gagged on both, or even worse become a GOS. This causes huge problems within a Coven causing it to become dormant, and due to that the members of the Coven suffer a great loss.

These positions are designed the way they are for great reason, and adding this 2-3 month period ensures that some of what we all have witnessed on this site in the past year does happen anymore. Personally I think this should have been done a long while back. But when you are busy dealing with the throes of an entire community better late than never.
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