**Practical witches**

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**Practical witches**
Post # 1
******welcome to the most innerwonders***

************of the human mind********

*This coven is all about learning,and upon occasion having fun.*

Practical witches may be a small coven right now but we are now currently accepting new members. if you be new to the craft, or is just looking for a place to teach people of your knowledge of the craft.
***There are currently new lessons being posted once a week*****
our last lesson was posted on EXORCISM INCENSE and other incense recipes. There even is a lesson on how to manipulate air,and if you look very carefully theres a lesson on how to call animals.
these are just the few thing that our coven has to offer.
******Get to know your fellow coven members**********
we have a group on Facebook so we can interact with each other other than on this website. IF you become a member and wish to be part of this group on Facebook contact either the priestess or i
and one of us will see to that you will get an invite that group.
*********As always you can ask question in the coven forum*****
the question will be answered as soon as possible. This is a great coven to ask questions even if it something you are slightly unsure about.

********if you wish to fill an Applications see below*********

THe requirements are that you have a picture in your profile and a full bio, and send me or the priestess the answers the following questions

1. Why do you want to join Practical Witches?

2. What do you feel you can contribute to Practical Witches?

3a)Do you currently belong to another coven?

b) If so, why do you want to leave that coven and join Practical Witches?

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Re: **Practical witches**
Post # 2
Folks if you want to join submit the joing questions with answers to either the priestess or myself. other the applacation process tends to get a bit long
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Re: **Practical witches**
Post # 3
Hmm looks like a nice Coven. :)
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Re: **Practical witches**
By: / Novice
Post # 4
it is...;we are rebuilding and its a good thing. I am hoping we can be a big coven like we once were. We are adding new stuff slowly but we hope to change that.
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Re: **Practical witches**
Post # 5
1 i am looking for people that can show me things that i shall need to know
2 i can contribute to anything that they shall need me to do
3 i currently to not belong to no coven
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