Channeling Your Energy

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Channeling Your Energy
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Now i know everyone has different views, beliefs and opinions about energy and chakras. But this is what i posted.

Hello everyone, sorry if i have not posted in a few days. Been kinda some what busy with school but not too bad. But i wanted to post something on Channeling your Energy. There are so many different types of energies in our world today that many of us are not sure of, not connected with them. You can also pick up energy from animals, plants, mother earth and even spirits.

So how would go about channeling your energy? Say if you want to talk to a spirit. Well the best thing for you to do is get comfortable spot where its nice and quiet. First sit in a position that is the most fit for you. Then try to meditate for how ever long you need. You need to do this to get you're body in a relaxed state and that your mind is clear and calm.

Once you have reached your meditative state. Start by seeing the flow of you're energy in your body. Flowing from your spine all the way up to the top of you're head. The spine is root chakra and the top of you're head is the crown chakra. There are total of 7 chakra energies based in you're body.

Seven Chakras
Solar Plexus
The Bow
The Crown

Once you have learned more about chakras and you're energy you be able to practice keeping them intact and balanced. That way you don't feel inbalanced.

When communicating with spirits, you would want to focus on your Crown Chakra which is also known as the third eye. Located just between the eye brows and in the center. While focusing on your crown chakra imagine a ball of light infront of you it can be any color of you're choice but i usually go with a golden or white energy. After you have done this try to communicate with a spirit that may be near by. To talk to a spirit try sending a telepathic thought. For example, a simple Hello or Is Anyone There? And see if you get a response.

Sometimes this takes a lot of practice to Channel energy when talking to spirits. But i hope this helps someone who is interested. I might also post a lesson on telepathy next.

Now once you are done channeling your energy, close all energy out and pull your energy back into you're body. And meditated for a minutes to help relax your body. So you don't feel over tired when doing this.

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