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Forums -> Wicca -> Community?

Post # 1
So, it seems to me that people who pracice wicca or magic in general don't really have a established organization or community etc. Like how the orthadox religions have. They have established churces. And while I know that churches aren't a part of the wiccan religion it would still be nice to have a central hub of communication for all magical practioneers, like this site...except on a nation wide scale. Of course I could be wrong, it could seem this way to me simply because I'm not around alot of other practioneers. Is there something like this? And if not, why doesn't anyone make one?
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Re: Community?
Post # 2
The simplest answer is that as Wiccan/Earth Based Practitioners seem to be independent in ways that most other faith's practitioners are not, this is a difficult task. IRL groups tend to fight and often fall apart without very charismatic leaders or without an attitude of equality of importance among members. There is often an apathy that seems prevalent in most communities. Great ideas, with little follow through. There are exceptions of course but these tend to be centralized into areas where the population is high for earth based practitioners. Notably the San Francisco area and the Massachusetts and New York areas.

I believe this issue goes back to a lack of teaching persons within an Earth based community social skills as well as magical ones. Social norms are often established in other organized religions and grossly overlooked in most working groups.

Covenant of the GOddess is one organization trying to do this.
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Re: Community?
Post # 3
Thanks alot Marcassa! (sorry if I spelled it wrong) I never really thought of it like that, although it would be nice to have a real physical place to go to when I would like to learn and what not with others of the same/similar religions.
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Re: Community?
Post # 4
There's a place in Cassadega, Florida. People who actually live in and around there and respect it call it a spiritual community. Others use the more derogatory term the 'witches village.'

Haven't visited myself, but a few people I met, on my way to the beach, say that since they became famous its become very commercialized. And (their words not mine) filled with soccer moms toting tarot decks, though there are a few serious practitioners still are around.
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Re: Community?
Post # 5
this place is probably one of the best places online for mgi.
it's one of the few survivors of the 90's rush.

If you'd like someone physically,
there are various places to pilgrimage to,
there is also Wiccan Church of Canada,
and many different schools of thought.

Technically with Eclectic Wiccanism you can research various faiths and put them together to form your own belief-system.
this gives you a large amount of freedom.

If you'd like a higher-teacher that is more spiritually-advanced,
I'd suggest calling on your spirit-guide or Guardian-Angel,
make sure it's a beneficial spirit with good intentions of course.
Can certainly learn much from the spiritual forces,
as well as through observation and learning of nature.
Due to ''As above, so below'' or holographic-universe,
all phenomena on a certain scale (atoms, cells, galaxies) are also applicable on our scale (family, social, political).
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