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Forums -> Wicca -> Ghosts?

Post # 1
In Wicca, there's a Summerland. I'm still a beginner in all of this, so I'm not quite sure how Wicca explains ghosts. But they do exist, right? So, how do ghosts and Summerland go hand in hand?
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Re: Ghosts?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
What's summerland? xD
and yes, ghosts is just another word for spirits really. in my perspective.
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Re: Ghosts?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well..there is a difference between ghosts and spirits..spirits roam around freely while ghosts our bound to a certain place..for example an old house...

now summerland is a plane were your soul goes after it dies (depending on there "karma" )..its like a "rest area" sort of speak resembling pleasent nights and sunny days, these is where most disincarnated souls reside. thought of both power and reality there, and the dead can creat there own surroundings. can make what ever you wish for come true there..and after you are finished could either choose to be rencarnated..or "die" again and go to a different plane to meet our creater...

also..the spirits we see are mostly from summerland.. ...although spirits that go to the lower plane..(to pay for there karma) sometimes slip and come to our plane..that is why sometimes spirits come off as agrasive, negitive or confused. note that spirits from the lower plane can not go to summerland until they have learned there leason..then they well be able to advance higher..

i really hope these helped you..

~blessed be~
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Re: Ghosts?
Post # 4
Actually, it does help. A lot. Thanks for clearing it up for me! :)
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Re: Ghosts?
Post # 5
This may sound contradictory, but I believe that time is simotanious.

The past, present and future exist at once. Spirits see this and are apart of the flow of the river, where we can only percieve moments. We see time as a snapshot of the When we are now, nothing else. The dead and the spirits see it as the When they choose to interact with.

So, when you call to a spirit in Theory you could be speaking to them the moment after they died, or a thousand years down the line. Quite interesting no?
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Re: Ghosts?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
If you believe in ghosts then they exist. If you do not believe in ghosts then they do not exist. There is no real evidence either way.
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Re: Ghosts?
Post # 7
ghosts are more then any one thing in this world and spirits are more as well they show us more about life if you let them
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