I need advice & a Spell

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I need advice & a Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi every one,

I am facing a problem which I can not solve by my self. I took sick some months ago. I run a small Boutique. Whilst I was off sick I asked a man that is in the same trade as me to attend to my customers. Our Boutiques are of the same nature. I have now returned back to my Boutique as my health is slightly better after the operation that I had.

Now I have found that in my absence he has taken over my customers.Since I have been back very few of my customers come to my Boutique. What can I do. It feels and seems like there is a bad air within the Shop. The one day I was serving a customer he came into the shop. To ask how am I doing. I dont know if that day he put something on his hand to chase away my clientel. We have been neighbours for many years now.Having no problems. Is there perhaps some who has some good advice for me how to open the roads for me. As I am desperate and in a bad position. Perhaps I need to do something to open the roads and clear the black cloud that seems to be over me as well as my Shop.

Thnks for your help and assistance. I really appreciate it.

Blessed be,
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Re: I need advice & a Spell
Post # 2
Cleansing your shop and possibly protecting the grounds within it are an excellent start. As far as what to do in reference to your customers not coming to your shop as much anymore, could be due to something this gentleman has told your customers in your absence. With I'm sure was nothing all to nice if they are shying away from your establishment. The best as I can say here is be patient, keep your chin up and hopefully in due time they will flock back to your shop now seeing that you are back.

There isn't a spell I can recommend for this because in the end I believe it would interfere with the free will of others. Possibly knowing what your customers need or what and trying to have it in your shop would be a better route. As I am sure you do spend time getting to know your customers on a more personal Business Owner/Client level. As opposed to performing a spell or ritual to have them come running back to your shop. =)
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Re: I need advice & a Spell
Post # 3
Use your magic to compel people to enter your shop. Create an energy field around your shop which generates curiosity in all who enter it and you will have people coming in in droves. If you build it, they will come.
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Re: I need advice & a Spell
Post # 4
Alternatively, create an energy field around your opponent's shop which induces fear or illness in those who enter it and watch as his customers dwindle into oblivion. Better yet, do both of the spells and get the benefits of both. Or... you could just punish him directly.
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Re: I need advice & a Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Welcome.
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Re: I need advice & a Spell
Post # 6
I'm going to disagree with Invoker's second suggestion. I don't think you should automatically jump to the conclusion that the man did anything maliciously to take your customers. It could be simply a matter of him not being as good a business person as you. Your customers will be your loyal customers because of the level of service you provide. If in your absence they came in & didn't get that same 'taken care of' feeling they may have just gone looking for a new place to frequent.

Do a cleansing on your establishment. Then do some money drawing work. Do some attraction work to draw your old customers back & new ones as well. Do a blessing on your shop so that all who enter will feel welcome & want to return.

Better to concentrate on your business & leave the man's business to the universe. I don't think it is interfering with anyone's free will to draw them into your shop any more so than an ad on TV would be.
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Re: I need advice & a Spell
Post # 7
I agree with Lightmaven, and have quickly come to realize in reading so many posts that any advice taken from Invoker should be done so with this simple warning: At your own risk.
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