I Need Help Also.

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I Need Help Also.
Post # 1
I Am New To The Site, I Would Like Someone Or People On The Site To Teach Me Basic Magic,Spell,Witchcraft Etc.

Ive Spent My Entire Childhood in Residential And Group Homes So Ive never experienced Love,Sex,Friendship,Money,Power,Happiness And Other Things Others Have And I Want To And i Think This Is A Good Way To Start, Ive Always Been Interested In The Understanding Of The Beyond And Magic Has Always Been a Thing Ive Wanted To Do And Hopefully learn, when i was a child i always loved The Concept And To This Day I do. I Currently Would Like Help With Finding True/Ideal Love , Happiness, Money/Power , Personal Perfection Like Weight/Looks/Appearance If Anybody Would Like To Point Me In Right Direction and help me through It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
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Re: I Need Help Also.
Post # 2
Hmm well you've come to the wrong place I think. Magic as it is portrayed on this site offers quick answers to difficult, and often complex problems. There is no quick solution to such things, I'm sorry to say. Magic often attracts those who have had situations like yours. A life of feeling powerless, alone, misunderstood, isolated and marginalized because of circumstance. It is not that surprising really that magick, with it's promises of instant gratification, easy solutions, and seemingly real power are appealing. After all, from what you have said, it sounds like your life has been one of near powerlessness. I will say it again though, magic and it's practice, as portrayed on this site, is not for you, believe me. In fact it isn't for anyone who want's to make real progress as a human being. The magick you see portrayed here is good for distraction from your real problems, a placebo effect, correlation equaling causation, (something that is almost never the case), and for escaping reality. It is not good for solving actual problems, or accomplishing much of anything, and can in fact do more harm then good.

No, there are other things I would recommend, but not magic as it is portrayed here on this site by the majority of people. No way.
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