Daily Tarot From Lady SV

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Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 1
I do this with the group I've organized in my local area. Thought it would be cool to start doing it here for everyone too. For those who don't know me, I'm Lady Silvervixen. I've been doing tarot readings for about 6-7 years now as of April. I use the Faery Wicca Tarot Deck ( it's based on celtic mythology of the Faey), and this thread will be for a one card draw of the day. I will try to make sure there is a new card with information posted at least once a day every day. I will include the date, the meaning of the card, and the fairy message that goes with it.


Five of Aer ( aka 5 of air, or 5 of swords): All that glitters is Not Gold.
Meaning: Self-abasement, passive endurance, forcible swallowing of pride, Even in the face of death, which arrives in its appointed hour for every living creature, virtue lies in patient endurance and passive courage. Don't fight a no-win battle.

The Message: Staying fixed in the first attention, staying too focused on the big Me can blind you faster than the mists. Me is not and never will be the center for it creates self-importance. An illusive golden image, a barbarous point view.

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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 2

Four of Domhan (aka 4 of Earth/ 4 of Pentacles): The Entrance

Warns against the danger of working for only material gains.Miserliness. Selfishness, suspicion, mistrust. Inability to let go of anything or to delegate responsibility. Blockages of thought and action naturally follow to excessive devotion to piling up material wealth and the provisions for guarding them. There is a need for boundaries in your life.

The Message: Do you dare to know, to will, to keep silence?
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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 3

Major Arcana Card 11- Strength of Will

The mother Goddess's love will lead you into the underworld of your soul.She will guide you to your inner radiant light,where you will tame the wild beast within yourself, thereby enacting a psychic healing and imbuing you with inner strength. Don't be afraid to face your fears
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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 4

Three of tine (aka 3 of fire or 3 of wands): The Dance of Partnership

Destiny unfolding. Powers of creation, invention, commercial enterprises, and grand fortune.

Faery message: The power of courage is only the first step in the dance
The second step is dancing ego to Spirit-
This is a very hard step indeed,
for it takes action of the heart to achieve success.

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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 5

Page of Cups
Meaning: The page of cups is a creative card. Today is a day to be creative and let your inspiration guide you. This card also could mean a new relationship coming up or maybe a decision with a relationship. Over all its a card showing that you should go with what your heart is telling you and be creative with thinking about the possibilities. Do not suppress your inspiration!
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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 6

Banrion of Aer (aka Queen of Air, or Queen of Swords): Maeve
Earth of Air,Feminine intelligence, assertion of ideas; quick to communicate one's mind, will stop at nothing to achieve one's goals, the first light of winter, mature female between the age of 30 and death, communication skills perfected,tamer or wild beasts, ruler of domain, strong enemy, need for total freedom, not afraid to show true colors.

The magick of the Faery World can often tempt one into pursuing matter if insignificance when done so through the mind only; seek to find spiritual enlightenment; walk your talk
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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 7
2/23/113 of Domhan (aka 3 of Earth or 3 of Pentacles): Spiral of Life

Commercial success through effort and training, work undertaken or performed with others; a joint effort or partnership; skilled labor; crafts

we come from the stars,
we come from from the stars,
shining down on the Earth

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Re: Daily Tarot From Lady SV
Post # 8
2/24/11 10 of Tine (aka 10 of fire or 10 of wands)

Supreme power, Triumph, unchallengeable. Taking full responsibility, moving away, a burden, a triumph over tyranny (weird considering the stuff going on in the middle east), misuse of power, selfish authority demolishing its opposition, excessive pressure, punishment of ambition. Resentment or mutiny.

Message: Welcome Home

This was just too weird not to post with everything going on over in the middle east right now. I really wanted to share.
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