Need Sugestion, about best item/spell money Attraction

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Forums -> Online Shopping -> Need Sugestion, about best item/spell money Attract

Need Sugestion, about best item/spell money Attraction
Post # 1
Hi Everyone,

i'm asian man, born in 1991 , live in small town, i'm newbie in about spirit keeper, using spell, etc.. But i know more about spirit world, kind of spirit, etc..

I interested to many magic item/spell sold in ebay and in other shop, and also there are some magic item/spell can attract wealth/money.

There are many item like that, i verry want it, but i dont have enough money to buy them all. I want it because i have many economy problem, i hope that can help me.

Since be silent reader in this forum, i have read many testimonial from buyer in this forum, i just know, there are magic item dont working (scam seller/not match to the buyer)..
not at all is good.

I worried if i buy an item, that is not working for me.. And although there are money back guarantee, i cannt, because i live in indonesia, the cost to return ship the item to USA is expensive.

So, Can anyone suggest to me?

which one item/spell can attract wealth/money is good and really working for me?? The powerfull and not too expensive

Sorry, my english is not good,

i need your help..
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Re: Need Sugestion, about best item/spell money Attraction
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Items sold in our store are like any magic or non-magical items, for example, a hammer.

A hammer is a tool which you use to build a house. But just because you bought a hammer it doesn't mean a house will magically appear the next day.

Also, you need skill to use the hammer. You can get some nails and wood and bash them together with the hammer and end up with a mess of nails and wood that look nothing like a house.

If you do not use the hammer, or you use the hammer incorrectly it does not mean "the hammer does not work".

This is the same for any items we sell in our store. There is no guarantee that something magical will happen when you buy an item. This is true for any magical item.

There is a simple test to see if someone is trying to scam you: If a store says their items always work then they are lying and trying to scam you.

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Re: Need Sugestion, about best item/spell money Attraction
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Try casting your own wealth spell. Try casting a circle and lighting a candle. Say something like "I bless this candle in the name of The Lady and The Lord(or who ever your God/dess is) for the purpose of bringing money to me." Be sure to be specific about what you want but not specific about how you want it to happen to reduce any side affects if there are any because I have never done a wealth spell but I`ve read about them.
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Re: Need Sugestion, about best item/spell money Attraction
Post # 4
Here is an easy cheap way to help with money problems. Get a bottle with a lid. Get some spare change,even one coin will do a first. Get cloves. Put a clove and the coin in the jar,keep adding a coin and a clove. Your intentions are the key. You have to believe it will work,or it won't. You can't doubt yourself.
If I bought something from this store or any other. I would still clear it, bless it, and charge it with my intent.
Things get negative energy from other shoppers or even the mail carrier having a bad day.
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