What happened?

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What happened?
Post # 1
Where did all of the people who said that it's bad, don't do it, it's not real, and that sort of thing? We need those people back! You humans are all straying off the path of magick. Or at least, some of you. I have been on this site for quite some time, and lately as new people keep coming on, the old experienced people are leaving. Which seem's to be making the people who don't know very much about magick tell the new people false things. I hope you guys finally realize where this site is heading and hopefully bring it back to the way it used to be. Don't you agree?
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Re: What happened?
Post # 2
I agree with you. Many of the Elders have left, and I can't blame them. After awhile it gets old and tired to say the same things over and over, No you cant turn yourself into werewolves, mermaids,vampires, and whatever else the pre-teen kids are thinking up. When one who has experience expresses themselves they are often attacked for not letting freedom ring, or for not being open minded. There is a huge difference between open minded and having no mind at all. It is up to the Moderators, and they let a lot slide by, I wonder if they care if this site has people who have been around, or if they are just trying to sell things?
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Re: What happened?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Although I am still "on the site" I have more or less given up Posting. It is like having a voice crying in the wilderness.
Every now and again I see something posted from somebody with a modicum of intelligence. These I will message through the mail slot. I have no time to be bothered with charlatans, werewolves, vampires, devil-worshippers, and youngsters who cannot even spell!
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Re: What happened?
Post # 4
OHHHHH look out Brysing or you will unleash the forces of teenage anger upon your words, for they are many, and even if they can't spell, they love to ramble. Lol, It is to bad, magical sites like this are needed, and it could be so much better. From what I understand it was even worse in the past. However.... Brysing you can't change things by sitting on the sidelines. You have a wealth of knowledge, you should share it. Yes... one can get frustrated when people start asking for spells to meet Lucifer, or to be turned into Godzilla ( oh... darn that might give someone an idea) but this site needs Elders, it needs people who have some training and experience, it needs people like you. Come back, share your knowledge, get a bit of a sense of humor and you will be fine.
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