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Post # 1
Hello, I am Emris. I am new to the craft, and hope to learn. I am very interested in Magic, especially Pyro,Tele ane Chronokenises. Although I do not know my totem Animal, I think it is the wolf, because I have always loved the wolf. Although I am a minor, I have always had a love for Magic, ever since I was very young.
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Re: Hello
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hello and welcome to Spells of Magic. I hope you find everything you seek to learn. Take the time to browse through the Newbie Central.

Good luck and blessed be.
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Re: Hello
Post # 3
There are many different ways to find out who and what your totem animal is Emris.

More common ways are through dreaming, meditation, and spells (which could technically count as dreaming because you basically put out energy asking that they reveal themselves to you).

Dreaming is actually rather simple, before you go to bed either say to your totem that you wish to meet with them and talk to them then go to bed, or do a spell of a similar nature that is simply stating your wish to meet them.

Meditation is more fun. You can set yourself into a meditative state and go through a visualization journey that reveals who (and what) your totem animal is. You can also simply put yourself into a meditative state and ask for your totem to come to you and reveal themselves.

I would like to note that totem animals will only come to you when you are ready to learn the lessons they are there to teach you. What this means is that throughout your life you can have multiple totem animals teaching you multiple lessons. It also means that while you "have always loved the wolf" that a wolf may not necessarily be the animal that reveals itself to you. If its not, don't doubt that they are indeed there to help you, as each lesson they teach is important in their own way.

Also, when you meet them (no matter what it may be through) remember to do so with an open mind as to what and who your totem is. If you go forward thinking it has to be a wolf, then you will color your perceptions of your totem and make it harder for you to communicate with them and learn from them.

I hope I helped in some way.
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