Am I who I am?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Am I who I am?

Am I who I am?
Post # 1
I said to someone on the site ( name must not be mentioned) that I felt I wasn't living my proper life that I'm someone I'm not I never feel right I always feel like a girl, I like my nails long, my hair long, and everything else and it is so annoying also for some reason I has crying fits when I don't know why.
Soz to all girls out there if I seem sexist but I'm not.
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Re: Am I who I am?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Are you taking any wierd medications? Depending on which ones your taking it could possibly make you feel that way. I know that certain anti-depressents can make people feel worse and as for the hair and the nails I`ve seen plenty of guys at school who like their hair long and as for the nail thing I guess it's just preference because I`m a girl and I can't stand having long nails. I have a friend who knows more about this than I do and I can ask her if you want since I could be wrong it just may take a while for me to get in touch with her since she always had homework.
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Re: Am I who I am?
Post # 3
Well Mart you could just have a high level of estrogen in your system. Well that what Im concluding from the crying fit, but as to the long nails and hair, most guys like the look so dont think its weird of you to. You are who you are. Dont worry about it much or else you give yourself more to deal with on your plates and I dont know about you but I think everyone likes life much better without having to deall with themselves on top of everything else in their life on their plate.
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Re: Am I who I am?
Post # 4
Thank you everyone and by the wat I don't take weird medicens thank you bye
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