Strange things

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Strange things
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I've been having these strange things happening to me for a couple years now.
I need some insight on it, someone to help me understand whats going on.
Just the other night, I went out for a walk and a smoke at about three in the morning. I kept having these horrible chest pains, like something was clawing from the inside.
I thought the cold air would help, thinking maybe it was just a panic attack or something.
The more I walked, the worse I felt. My fingernails and teeth were hurting, my head was pounding, and I still had that ripping pain in my chest.
So I decided to turn around, walk back. I got to my drive way and fell down, I was hearing these horrible, inhuman sounds, like screams or grunting. I looked at my hands, it was still dark, but my nails...they looked...different...long. too long.
I realized the sounds were coming from me. My teeth were hurting so bad. I started clawing at the ground, it hurt so bad.
My teeth hurt so much, I started biting myself, trying to make it stop. I pulled myself off the ground and stumbled inside.
I sat down, I kept telling myself that it was all just in my head, it wasn't real, it didn't happen.

I went outside when the sun came up, there was claw marks in the ice in the drive way. the bite marks on my hand that were so red had pretty much disappeared by then, but I could see them a bit.
I realize now, it was real. But I have no idea what it was.
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Re: Strange things
Post # 2
Just saying, maybe you should stop smoking becuase smoking is what's causing your chest, teeth, head and fingernail pains.
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Re: Strange things
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Try to go see a doctor chaos it could be something that is potentially harmful.
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Re: Strange things
Post # 4
I've mentioned this before sweetheart... please seek medical help. And do it now before you get another attack.
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