Forming an off-site Coven

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Forming an off-site Coven
Post # 1
My two friends are forming a coven (they called it a "hidden society" but it's basically a coven) and invited me to be one of the foundation members.
I just kind of wanted to know basic guidelines on forming a coven. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but I'm an overachiever and like to have extra info for no reason :D

Blessed Be )0(
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Re: Forming an off-site Coven
Post # 2
Well most covens have to leaders, this is an affective method but prehaps a council would be better. the council members can vote and such...
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Re: Forming an off-site Coven
Post # 3
Traditionally a coven had thirteen members, but I'm thinking yours will want more of course. It is good to get a forum going there and to have scheduled classes. As for the leadership system its all up to you and your friends to decide. Often there is admin, council/mods, and members.
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Re: Forming an off-site Coven
Post # 4
I can imagine Naara not exactly forming a website Taliesin.
I think by offline she means an in-person coven.

You will need to establish what kind of coven you're establishing. The purpose of the coven will attract all of your members. Make sure you have an established way of joining the coven. Covens these days can get tricky to start up. You will probably want legal advisement from a lawyer or something on how people will be joining. It's good to have things secure, and let possible members know everything there is to the coven.

A friend of mine has papers for new members to read through and sign for that sort of thing. She's actually been reported to the police once by parents of a member.

So my advice to you is getting EVERYTHING set up before trying to get anyone to join.

Also, it's good to have a variety of aspects offered for the coven. Lectures, classes, and advisement from leaders. You should find a well equipped building/office for the coven's "home" so the members can easily find their leaders on a regular basis.

Besides that, just be careful with what you say, and teach. A live coven is not as anonymous as a username on the world wide web.
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