casting spells

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casting spells
Post # 1
You know how you should be careful and learn before you try something you know nothing about. Well I tried and then started learning. I cast a few spells before learning about casting a circle, or cleaning, or charging. I never intended to do any type of black magic spells or anything like that. I did cast several love spells two different spells, on two differt nights, two times each so that was four nights casting love spells on the same person. All in January plus a couple of chants. I know ignorance is no excuse. When I cast the first powerful love spell two days before the full moon the weather outside was to bad so I cast it inside and the candles kept blowing out only the white ones though the red ones burned fine. The a couple of nights a go I was casting a spell to warm his cold heart and his picture kept flying out of my hand. Oh yes I forgot to mention on December 29 2010. I paid someone to cast a love spell to bring him back. After all this weird stuff started happening I starting reading more and found out it's not good to cast love spell over and over on the same person. What should I do.
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Re: casting spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You can try an undoing spell for those spells that you casted.
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Re: casting spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Never pay someone to cast,you can do it yourself. Undo your spells.
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Re: casting spells
Post # 4
You can redirect the energy of the spell,
by getting it to manifest a new person,
with the qualities you like.

Also, it's good to make sure,
that you can live by yourself,
While being happy and fruitful.

Always remember to respect free will.
Once a potential mate appears,
it's good to have appealing qualities.

If you plan on long-term engagements,
these qualities should have depth.
Glamor only goes so far.

Though physical transformation are doable,
there is usually some physical change that must occur,
such as a change in diet towards veganism.

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