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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Telekinesis

Post # 1
is there anyone who can give me any pointers on learning telekinesis or where to learn it?
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Re: Telekinesis
Post # 2
Yes,telekinesis can be learned by getting a light object,like a toothpick or as i prefer a small ball,so it will role a bit.
You should start with a 10-15 minutes meditation to clear your mind,and then put both hands (fingers pointing the object) infront of the object and visualize a magnetic pulse coming from your fingers and pushing the object.

You may remember when you had two magnets and you put both pluses infront of each other and tried to connect them,but it had a magnetic push.Thats the magnetic pulse you will visualize coming from your fingers.
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Re: Telekinesis
Post # 3
Okay, well there is several ways you can do this. The way that worked for me was off an instructional video from youtube. Trust me, this guys is legitimate. If you want to look it up, his username is TheNickShift. I will give you a brief synopsis. Okay, well, like the person prior to myself said, choose a light object. I highly recommend a cheap ball point pen. Pick it up. Feel it's weight in your palms. Get to know the object. Then against a clear surface, rhythmically take the pen, lay it flat and proceed to move it back and forth with identical motions how you want the object to move. Back and forth, back and forth. That is very important. Focus on every detail. Be able to visualize completely the object in your mind and the motion. You continue to move it back and forth until you feel that you know the motion entirely. Then just focus on moving it with your mind. This is where you have to figure out what works best for you. Clearly your mind can be hard. If you can't, dont. If you work better with a clear mind, by all means go for it. But the point is, figure out what method and enviorment you can draw the most power from. that being said, when you visualize the pen moving, go with whatever feels natural. If you need to see a hand reaching from your third eye to the object and moving it, brilliant. If you need to see waves of energy pushing it, fantastic. Or, just imagine the object simply moving. This is a personal thing, and following a rule-book straight-forward may lead to a failure. Make it your own, as long as intentions are pure. But keep a light mind. Besides, as someone told me, "Keep magick fun. You may find that your inner magickal child can draw the most power."
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Re: Telekinesis
Post # 4
Also there are some great articles on

It teaches you to make a psiwheel or something like that and you focus on that at first. You can use emotions to move it, I moved things when I was really mad or depressed. Strong emotions help a lot with telekinesis but you don't want to rely on strong emotions because then you'll always be really mad when your doing it, and it would be exhausting.
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