Need a spell cast for me

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Need a spell cast for me
Post # 1
Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and new to studying magic. I've been reading and practicing the basics, but I do have a situation that I would like resolved as soon as possible. I'm hoping someone here with spell casting experience is willing to cast a couple of spells for me, since your powers would surely be greater than mine.

Basically, I need two spells cast: a break up spell and a return lover spell. I'll tell my full story to anyone who wants to know, but to keep it brief, my best friend and lover of the past 2 years recently broke up with me, with mostly unclear and contradictory reasons, and very soon after started dating another guy. I believe that she and I are meant to be, and I want her back so badly. I've been praying about it and reading about the spells, but I don't know if my power is strong enough to cast an effective spell.

And, yes I've read all about manipulating another's free will, but I'm willing to have these spells done anyway. I don't look at it as manipulating free will anyway; I just look at it as sending out positive energy to her to open her heart back up to me, and sending out energy to drive a wedge between the two of them. I don't see it as controlling anyone's mind.

So, if there's someone here who is willing to help me, I would be so, so greatful. I'm in a desperate situation, and I need this extra push to get back in touch with her and get things moving in my direction. Feel free to respond here or to send me a message.

Thanks so much,

Re: Need a spell cast for
Post # 2
Just pm me. I can help.

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 3
Okay cool, I will. I saw your post in my other thread too.
I'll PM you now.

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 4
Hi Justin,

I'm new to the site too. I am also in a similar situation and I know exactly how you are feeling. If you don't mind, could you please let me know how you go? :)

Keep Smiling,

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 5
There is no point really asking others to cast spells for you, the most effective are those cast yourself

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 6
Sarah, yeah I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm working my way up to spell casting, but this is one I'd like to have done asap. I feel that someone more experienced than I am could do a better one.

Re: Need a spell cast for me
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Try to cast the spells yourself, how do you know the spell has been cast by someone else, when it could be BS and your wasting vital time. Spells cast by the person are more powerful, as you have the emotion for that situation, how can someone who hasn't met your ex send emotion in the energy?

Try it yourself, here you go.

First off you need to do the break up spell, have a look for a vinegar jar spell, petition being "argue fight hate".

After you have cast the vinegar jar spell, cleanse the room, then a Honey Jar spell (I know I always recommend a honey jar), with your petition being "love me want me".

Spells take time to manifest, have belief when casting the spell and you'll be fine, honestly.

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 8
Ya man,
seriously Free Will yo.
Would you like someone to interfere with yours?
I took the hard and painful road to that understanding.

Take this golden opportunity,
to cast for a new lover.

write out all the things you liked about your previous relationships, all the things you'd like to see in you r new one

it worked for me, I'm real happy, and so is she. :-)
one of our rabbits recently gave birth to some baby bunnies

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 9
By casting spells yourself,you are strengthining your own abilties and there is a greater chance that the spell will work

Re: Need a spell cast for me
Post # 10
Look your messing with free will, and that is so rude! Would you like Help in casting? Well yeah we all do, but we know we shouldn't.When you try to breakup get bad intentions which cause karma. Whatever the case is, i cant say don't do it for I'm not in charge, but i can aid your veiw.

1: Why do you want to do this?
2:What do you hope your intention will create and why?
3: Are you ready for the consequences fully?

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