My Nightmare hell.

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My Nightmare hell.
Post # 1
Hello everyone.
I would really appreciate it if someone, anyone could give me some advice on this.
For around two months now I have been having these recurring nightmares. They are truly terrifying me.
I am walking into a church (a christian church) but my foot won't go through the door, I just cant go in. Then all of a sudden things are coming up behind me. Vampires, wolves, Ravens, vulchers, minotaurs and snakes. They want to kill me, I can hear
their thoughts. SO I keep trying and trying to run into the church to get away but I cant.
Then the church doors open and I see my parents inside it but they wont help me get in. So I turn back around and someone is grabbing me. Strangling me.
Then it ends. I wake up and I have blood on my hands because I'd been diggiing my nails into my palms.
Please help me. I dont know what to do.
Thankyou. Holly.
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 2
This probably has something to do with you doing witchcraft. Since your parents are in the church it's like your parents are going to "Heaven" and since you made the choice of being a witch you are now being dragged into "Hell" but demons, vampires, etc. and now that you have "sinned" by becoming a witch you are no longer allowed into the church.

Christians are the religion that hates witches the most so since it was a christian church that made me think this.

Hope this helps. Try doing a protection spell or something.
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 3
Churches are supposed to represent safe havens, regardless of religion.
Father represents authority
Mother represents nurturing
Being chased can represent running from responsibilities, fears, or unwanted emotions.
Vampires represent assault towards spirituality and beliefs, fear of emotional or sexual relationships, or feeling unable to meet demands.
Minotaurs represents using logic to solve problems (mind against instinct)
Wolves represent feeling or being threatened.
Snakes are a sign that you are trying to come to terms with your instinctive self.
Ravens represent sin.
Vultures are scavengers and are associated with femininity and destruction.
Birds in general, in a females dream, usually represent the spiritual self.

I got those all out of my Dream Interpretation book. If you wouldn't mind me trying to interpret this..I think, for the most part, your dream is telling you that you need to explore your spirituality and confront yourself. There may be some issues that need to be dealt with, some things you haven't quite come to terms with yet. Maybe there's a problem in the household (Mom and Dad not letting you in the church might indicate you feeling unwanted by them..not sure).

I haven't been dreaming a lot lately, so I haven't had much practice on interpreting them. But that's just my take on it.(:

Blessed Be )0(
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 4
magic has nothing with regarding going to heaven or hell its the choses that you make with both of them even those that have no religion can get into heaven if they are bad in life.
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 5
I put "" around heaven and hell because it's her dreams. I have no association with magic and religion. However people dream about going to "hell" so I was just arising this possibility.
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 6
The onlyone who can understand your dreams and "what they have to say to you" its you. All your story seems to me just like your fears because you are not sure about your choices. Meditate on it you will find your answer. Meditation can give you answers almost to everything.
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 7
there is some magic practice/s that has those effects. possibly necromancy, however, i could be entirely incorrect.
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 8
They're right, you're dream symbols are unique to you.
As a rule of thumb, any time I have a nightmare I assume something is out of balance; whether currenly or in the near future.
The dream dictionaries are sometimes helpful but again they're unique to each person. Like the other poster mentioned snakes; when I dream of a snake it always means I have an admirer I'm not yet aware of.

I was concerned about my best friend, because she's had nightmares all her life and woke up with injuries just like you.

When she was comfortable with this "noble pagan" she let me help. I gave her an amethyst to place under her pillow (for protection and to open up her third eye, etc). She's told me she cleanses and charges it every month like clockwork and that little by little its gotten a lot better. Fewer nightmares, no more bruises and cuts, her positive spiritual energy has risen. Anyhow, whether or not things improve, I recommend you looking into work with crystals.

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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 9
Thankyou all for your help :)
All of your suggestions I will try. Wow I sounded really scared lol! I wrote this ages ago. The dreams happen less often now but when they do they never fail to terrify me, Ive hoped they would kind of dissapear with time
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Re: My Nightmare hell.
Post # 10
There are some forms of ego death meditations, where people intentionally seek to create a nightmare state.

The idea is to allow ones self to be torn apart by horrible monstrosities, to symbolicly allow the self to seperate from the ego and realise that the flesh isn't all we are.

I would agree with some of the other posts in that you probally have a subconcious guilt or fear of the path you've chosen to walk, but it also could be your mind attempting to show you that to advance farther where you really wish to go, you need to overcome fear. Fear is the Mind Killer, the anathema to magic.

It takes alot of courage to face ones fears, even more to dispassionately allow them to wreak their havocs on even dream flesh.

I hope things work out for you.
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