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No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
First,it was a weird being,under my bed (?!?!?!?)
I felt a hand on my hand,I looked and it was 'blinking' but I could see its a thin,skinny hand,skin and bones! I tought like' Omg it's gonna pull me under the bed and kill me' but it didn't actually it was just touching my hand,as if caressing or something. I looked under my bed,and it was 'flashing' appears on a sec than disappears. It was skinny and quite ugly. It was scary,but I didn't freak out,because it was crying!!! It had huge eyes,sad,full of tears. I was like 'Can I help',I don't know where did that come from,I would scream but I said that,and I heard a voice in my head ' Yes yes yes yes yes ' and I asked ' But how' than I heard a voice ' You know,just think' and than it got quiet and disappeared. So I did a spell to help it,release it to go where it wants to be and stuff and after I blew out the candle I just heard a whisper ' Thanks ' and than it didn't come back. But now there's a little spirit I think that lays on my pillow when I go sleeping. It looks kinda like Casper,it's quite cute I'd say. I see it when I look at the aura of the pillow I manage to see the spirits on it,and it always sleeps there when I go to bed. What is it o.O
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Re: No Subject
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
wow. Poor thing. It seems to be suffering and really needs your help. Try to talk to it.
I met a spirit like that once, he was crying and covered with bruises and blood. He was really skinny and had long dark hair that fell past his shoulders. I tried to talk to him but he just kept crying. When I touched his arm, he was so cold. I didn't understand why, so I told him I was going to get some help because I was in a public place. I left and tried to find someone to help, but I couldn't find anyone. so I went to go back to him and he was gone. I asked someone who worked at the store where the boy with the bruises went and then said "What boy?" I said "The boy I was talking to, over there!" and they were like "There was no one there, you weren't talking to anyone."
I never saw him again, and I still think about him because I wanted to help him so bad.
Sometimes spirits don't know where to go and they're very lost and scared. The spirit you saw was probably just as scared as you as you were of it.
If it comes back, tell them that you're there to talk. And see if you can help it if it needs.
When if it does want to talk, just ask them some simple questions first, like its name, gender, age, etc. Then try to get into the harder stuff slowly within a couple days or weak, so it can warm up to you.
Who knows, you guys may become friends.
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