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Please help!
Post # 1
Lately i have had some serious problems with drugs. After a while i decided to stop and after being clean 4 days, the police caught me in school with an empty bag (yes I know its stupid to keep an EMPTY bag). It was the most aweful period of my life, but everything turned out well. Or at least I thought...

I've lost a lot of 'friends' and one of them really pissed me off...
So this morning I heard he tried to set my best
friend up against me so i became angry.. Really angry

I woke up the next morning and cursed him. I just kept casting curses and eventually I tried to kill him. I noticed him getting weaker every day... Yesterday he fainted at school and I
tried to remove the curse.. But it didn't worked..
maybe because I still hate him I don't know but the curse will make him suffer I'm sure about that... Does anybody know how to remove the curse and how to banish him or something else
to solve this problem without hurting somebody? And believe me magic is the only way to solve this ... I tried everything please help me...
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Re: Please help!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If you know how to cast a rejuvenation spell, than do so to keep him alive until you can remove the curse. The simplest way to do this is to magically send him some energy. From the symptoms you described, it seems your curse is sapping his life energy. Imagine energy flowing from you into him. Use a lot, but not to much or you could cause him to burst into flame. This requires extreme precision. If you have a friend that could do it for you, that would be great as you could cast the spell to remove the curse earlier. To remove the curse you need to get the cursed into a pentacle, whether in this reality or another plane. Then you must chant "I went and did what I should not, and this man suffers in this spot. Please take the curse i laid on him, and please destroy it on my whim. In this pentacle bind it for me, and set this suffering man free." Once you have bound the curse inside the pentacle, destroy the pentacle which in turn will destroy the curse. I hope your former friend gets better. If that does not work, try to go to a healer for more advanced advice. The spell described is still experimental but should work as long as you feel remorse for casting the curse.
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Re: Please help!
Post # 3
This is why you don't do curses! We as witches are immensely powerful and need to be careful what we do. Now, when you cast the curse you fueled it with a lot of energy so undoing this will be hard. The best thing you could do is get a lot of people to give him energy like the person above me explained.
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Re: Please help!
Post # 4
Thanks for your help really thank you..
I know it was dangerous but i had totaly no experience with black magic and i never realised the concequences could be this bad.
I will certainly be more careful to the future..
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