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I want to Learn
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I am now at this and I have a personality(someone else) that needs to be altered, Is there a spell to alter someone's personality or the way they do things?
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Re: I want to Learn
Post # 2
No. Simply put no. Firstly - The human body is made up of energy which comes together to create the illusion of matter...we are essentially energy brought together by what is called "the soul", the central energy. And magick is the control of the energies of the universe(what can be surmised as god) to accomplish the goal of the spell (or whatever else you used to call upon the universal flow of energy). Now how can you muster up enough energy on your own to change someones personality which is literally the conciousness of their energies, which can be called their soul? It is literally placing one soul against another then forcively changing the way they are.

Its like the color blue making the color red turn green.
Not possible and should not be done even is it was possible because:
Secondly - why would you want to change someones pesonallity? What say do you have as to how this other person lives their life and acts? It is not your choice, it is theirs, and if they want their personality to change they can make that change on their own because it is their conciousness trying to change itself.

So no, for you to change someone else's personality, its impossible. We are all given the freedom to live our lives as we see fit, so for there to be a spell to change that seems highly contradictory and unlikely. Sorry to burst your bubble, have a great day :D
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