So many questions...

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Forums -> Comments -> So many questions...

So many questions...
Post # 1
Well...Where do I start?

1. Ever since my early years of childhood, I have had very detailed dreams about my life. The weird thing is, I would dream it a couple of days before it would actually happen. (When this does happen to me I have a flash back to the dream and notice that's it's the exact same moment, the conversation, the angle I'm looking at someone or something, everything!)

2. Another question, I have recently started meditating. (Took me a few days to get it down though) and for the most part I end up either having a flashes of certain colors. (usually blue or purple) What does this mean?

3. I experimented with some white and black magic prior to my registration to this forum. (I've had many friends who practiced, in small circle's usually) Every now and then, I re-dream these moments randomly, accept I can actually see more details(usually the times when I tried using negative energy) which there are some moments that frighten me in a way.(I can't really explain it.)

Anyhow, I would really appreciate someone helping me with these questions.

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Re: So many questions...
Post # 2
My responses to your questions.

1.I had such dreams like that before.Its nothing bad for me really.I'm not sure how to explain this but the mind is capable of seeing the future by time.

2.Do not worry about the flashes of certain colors in your meditation.It shows that you can visualize well.Colours have a lot of meanings.They aren't always grouped to what specific purpose they have really.So my suggestion is simple,why not meditate on the colors itself and understand it.

3.Remember that you're playing with energy.Don't be afraid of what you see.Instead,you should try to learn what purpose are within such moments.For example,learning something new from it and applying it.

I hope this will help you.
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Re: So many questions...
Post # 3
Well, I can answer at least two of your questions.

1. What you are experiencing are precognitions, trust me, I know what I am saying, I have them too.

2. You should do some research on these colors, here is a website I found that helps a lot, at least with the color.

3. Like Solarn said, that you have to remember that you're playing with energy. You can't be afraid of what you see. Instead,you should try to learn what purpose are within such moments.
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Re: So many questions...
Post # 4
As for the first question Watersage is right they are classed as precognitive dreams which is the term used for dreaming an event that will sometimes happen in reality from a few hours,days.weeks or months later.

As for the second question, the colours are very normal to experience in meditations, the flashes of colours is actually your chakras being stimulated and activated by the meditation that you are doing, the blue colour is.. depending if it is light blue(Throat/Vishuddha Chakra)or if its a darker blue/indigo colour then it's the (Third Eye/Brow/Ajna Chakra) and the Violet/light purple is the (Crown/Sahasrara Chakra) though sounds like you where activiting your crown and third eye chakra to me.

Can't help with your third question except for the fact maybe it has someting to to do with your ability to have precognitive dreams.

Love and Light
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Re: So many questions...
Post # 5
ihave a question what does it mean when u can feel sumthing bad is going to happend but u cant see it ?

is it posibile for ppl like me to take other ppl bad energy but turn it into good but u get side effect of being happy n hyper ?

what does it mean when u feel like ur being follow by sum 1 n at the same time u feel ur being watch but no one their even when you go to sleep n no im not talking about gaurdians angels

please help me .... im getting worried n thak you all n may all bless be
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Re: So many questions...
Post # 6
@Skylarnight.Its possible to convert people's bad energy to good one.As a matter of fact,that increase good karma on you.Why?Because you're helping others to reach levels where they know more of themselves.Hence,you are also affected by such good energy too.

As for your 2nd question,I have those moments too before.But just let go because that's a sign that your fear is developing and wrapping you up.Just be confident of yourself.Paranoia is bad for the health.

Lastly,don't worry a lot.Just keep doing on what you do.
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