healing spell for others

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healing spell for others
Post # 1
I need some help trying to get help with healing spells my man was in a crash in june and is not getting better and i have tried the dragon healing spell but not much luck is there a way for some one to cast a healing spell for him without knowing him? I have no alter or much money to get the stuff to cast most spells i just need to know if it can be done for someone else to cast healing spells for him

thank you and bless it be
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Re: healing spell for others
Post # 2
have you tried the four elements healing spell? its worked for me before.
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Re: healing spell for others
Post # 3
All you need is a blue pillar candle and a picture of him.

Ground and Center

(optional)- Cast the circle -this is recommended

Charge the candle with healing energy. ( To charge and item-

Carve your husbands name into the candle and sit the picture next to the candle.

Focus on the picture and light the candle. Imagine the energy from the candle moving into the picture of your husband, healing him of all ailments, and making him better slowly.

Let the candle burn next to the picture everyday for about 5 minutes until the candle is burned down. Then bury the candle's remains where they will be left alone.

Very simple, and very cheap.
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Re: healing spell for others
Post # 4
You don't need an Altar, or money to help heal someone. It is all in the intent. Ask yourself what does he need to heal, Injuries? Emotional states? What? Does he need extra energy to heal himself? Is he getting any medical help now? Write the specifics down on a piece of paper, concentrate on what needs to be done, ask help from Whatever you believe in, ask help from your Guides and Angels, Ask help from both your Ancestors and His, There are many ways to go from here, but you need to identify the specific problems, ask for the help. See if things start to change. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help, but I think you can do this.
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Re: healing spell for others
Post # 5
I'm with you Rilke, she's fully capable of doing this, if she puts your post and mine together, she's got a fully working spell with intent specified, the candle set and ready, I mean you can get a pillar candle from wal-mart for about $2 or $3 dollars, and she's all set to do the spell and not spend hardly anything.

Aingeallover, set up a piece of paper starting with Rilke's suggestion (if you know how to write your own spells this should be natural by now), and fill in the major questions - What is my true intent, what needs to be healed, etc...

Write out the general spell you are thinking of using, (if you can't buy a candle you can always visualize one forgot to mention that earlier) and use it at a basic guideline, and then combine everything to really formulate the spell. You can add phrases or chants if you want, etc... It's your spell, use it and roll with it.
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