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Post # 1
hi im zach and im a newbie and yeah... so im currently learning the importance of basics and im confused because i need instructions can someone please pm it to me thank you, and how does getting a teacher work in this site, is it like a person pm-ing u everyday and telling you what to do in magic or what can you please tell me thanks =)
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Re: hello
Post # 2
Welcome to the site. To get a teacher, you need to mail members of this site asking if they would be willing to teach you, nobody will come to you.
Also, the basics are meditation, visualization, energy flow and control, centering, and grounding.

You can find books, forums, websites, etc that explain the basics and how to do them. Here is a quick overview of how to do the basics:

For meditation, you simply must sit straight up, relax, focus on one thing and keep your focus for as long as you see fit. This can be breathing, etc. Take deep breaths, etc.

For visualization, focus (this is where meditation practice comes in) and imagine an intention you wish to manifest playing out, like getting a new job.

For energy manipulation, (this is where visualization and meditation come in)try to work with your chakras or feel energy in you. Maybe try bringing up emotions, pushing energy to one part of the body, giving intent into energy (for spells or shielding).

For centering, try to ''look inside you'' (this is where meditation, energy manipulation, and visualization comes in) and see/feel energy in your body. Focus on your core, where it is still, and try to bring this stillness/balance throughout your whole body until you feel centered and balanced.

For grounding, (this is where all the others come in) try to imagine a tree-root-like stream of energy extending from your feet into the Earth, and let this balance and cleanse the energies in you, and connect you to the Earth and the Universe. (Think of this as the external version of centering, because energy both within and outside of you should be balanced).
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Re: hello
Post # 3
thank you for all of those information, but how will the teacher teach u??
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Re: hello
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
You have just been taught; by RavenRose! You will not get it better explained than that!
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Re: hello
Post # 5
There are no designated teachers here, just members like you. However you can try and talk with other members, because some may agree to help/teach you if you mail them and ask.
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Re: hello
Post # 6
wait so i just had to practice them all?
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