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What if...
Post # 1
Okay, so everyone has those moments where they wonder what if I had done this instead of that, what would've happened.

So my question is, can you do a spell to see what would have happened if you had done something or even what will happen if you do something later.

I was thinking that you could make one for when your dreaming, but then you can't be sure it is actually the spell working or just a dream.

I was also thinking that you could do the spell and scry in a bowl of water and see the what if. That would be easier to know that it is the spell, but is it possible to do that with a scrying technique?

So what do you think, can you do a spell like that and what method would be best for seeing the what if situation?

Thank you for your help
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Re: What if...
Post # 2
I asked a God to give me a message on what was the right thing to do for everyone.. it wasn't a dream focused on what my situation was but the message was to stick behind someone and it made everyone happy.
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Re: What if...
Post # 3
I don't really want to ask a God every time I have a dilemma of what to do.

I was thinking more of a smaller thing, so you could ask "what if I went to the movies with bob" or "what if I went to dinner with sally", little things like that. I don't need like a life-changing realization, just what would happen while I was taking that certain chance.

If this makes no sense, just tell me and I'll try to make it into something that's actually understandable.
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Re: What if...
Post # 4
You'll never truly know the "what if". When you scry or do any sort of divination to see the future, it is not a guarantee and can change. Some people will even say that the second you know about it, it already changes.

As far as seeing what "could have" happened, there are so many factors involved to get to one result that I don't think you'd get a clear picture.

Personally, once I do something, I don't want to know the situational outcome if I had made a different decision. I made my choice, the actions are put into motion and instead of wondering "what if", I'd prefer to think of what I should do next.
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Re: What if...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
I think that at times it is appropriate to question what if I had done this instead of that. The reason is because we all make mistakes and understanding what worked and what would have been a better course of action is part of growing.

Now this is not the way one should go through every step of their life. It is for when a mistake has been made. This is a tool to help when you picked a path that was not the right one and you are trying to understand how to not make the same mistake twice.

Everyone has things they wish they could do over but the key is understanding that you can't do it over but you can be prepared for the next time a situation arises so that you pick the best outcome.
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