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Question and Advice
Post # 1
I have studied Wicca for a VERY long time now, and haven't made an altar or anything because of few supplies. For Christmas I recieved 50 dollars. And the metaphysical shop around the corner is quite cheap. With 50 dollars, what would be the first ever supplies you would buy getting started in the craft? I don't want to buy tons of things that will not be any use to me.
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Re: Question and Advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Basic buys would be, two candlesticks. Two small bowls,for salt and water. A chalice; but it does not have to be an elaborate one,a large wine glass will do! A supply of candles, and some incense. By the way,the colour of candles does not matter at first. You do not need an incense burner;it will burn on an ordinary saucer. When all is said and done, the altar and "tools" are only "aids". It is what is in your head that really matters!
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Re: Question and Advice
Post # 3
lol thanks. Just to add the candles are 30 cents each. Theyre taper, but they work, although there arent any candle holders ther :(
And i dont know why, but I have this huge attachment to this Goddess figure in her mother phase with a candle at the top. XD I'm buying it :P
Any other ideas? And what should be the first few things to do with these items? Is consecrating them neccasary? And I'm sure I'd have to bless my altar before doing any spellwork.
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Re: Question and Advice
Post # 4
Just mix a little bit of salt with melted snow and then wash all of your materials.

Rainwater is better then regular water if you can't get snow but regular water if fine.
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Re: Question and Advice
Post # 5
If you have physical tools like an Athame, or a Wand etc... then consecrating it (along with your altar) is advised. You should make sure to cleanse your tools first before consecrating them, you can do this by spellchanters method, or you can cleanse them with the elements, or just with smoke (known as smudging, this can be done with a smudge stick or with incense)
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