Magic newbie..need help..

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Magic newbie..need help..
Post # 1
Umm, hihi ^___^;; Im kinda new to this whole magic thing I heard that protection spells are probably the best things to start with, but i have been practicing more on my Psi/Chi energy through meditation. I tried seeing my aura, but i cant really tell what color it is...i think its green, but i might just think that because thats my favorite color.

Overall, i want to mainly get into Psi stuff and White magic...I dont want anyone to get hurt and I dont want to have anything to deal with demons and dark stuff Please help guide me scared to go through this without someone's help

Also, i tried the contact the spirit guide through meditation before i went to bed. Then that night, i had a dream that i was facing this computer monitor and i was listening thorugh headphones. I asked it what its name was and on the computer screen, it said "Raphael" and kinda like a young boy replied me. But (sorry....this is really long -.-;;) before i could ask anything else it said "2012.....somethings going to happen...North Dakota...Stacy University ...." I told it that i was only in high school and that i live nowhere NEAR north Dakota, but it kept going."An intruder...there will be an intuder in this world...Patty." "She will spread decay all over the school.....then the next building....then the next...until the whole world is covered in decay..." This is the creepy part. The cartoon stick figure girl was like this innocent blonde stick figure girl who had flowers and she planted flowers, but then then flowers started melting and rotting and it kept smiling though. Her AND the flowers. it filled up every indention of the school, and when it hit the window, it just poured out and went to the next building and then i woke up. I was weird. Please help me figure what these mean!!!!
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Re: Magic newbie..need help..
Post # 2
I dont know if its true but alot of people say thats somethin is going to happen in 2012 anyway....but i think it will be only minor problems around the world....i dont believe that the world is going to be destroyed by a intruder...i dont know...yet
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Re: Magic newbie..need help..
Post # 3
I dunno, it was weird though.

Im thinking its probably going to be economic failures
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