bring back from overseas

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bring back from overseas
Post # 1
i recently just found an amazing guy and i had the best 2 weeks with him. unfortunately, he had to move away right after, and despite the fact that i knew this from the beginning, i still fell for him and he did for me. this is the first time ive ever had someone care about me the same (if not more!) as i did for them. now he is in another country and i am stuck here, wishing he will be able to come back. talking to him, he said that we could have been a couple, and we could have been happy together. the moving was completely out of his control, i know that.

i guess what im trying to say is that, i need a spell that works to bring him back to me. i need something that will assure he will come back as soon as possible, for good. i miss him so much i cant wait until he comes back lol but also, i have absolutely no magical experience. i was told i have a very strong ESP, but i have no idea what that means and it could mean absolutely nothing.

so does anyone know a good spell that would work very well, despite my lack of experience? if so, what time of the day/night should i do it on? is there a certain ritual/sacrifice thing i should do to ensure his arrival? i really want this to work and be with him again as soon as possible.

thank you :)
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Re: bring back from overseas
Post # 2
If it is ment to happen, it will.

I understand how hard it can be, I've been in a long distance relationship for over a year and a half, him in the UK and me in the States. Stick with it if you really feel like it should be.
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