Need some advice

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Need some advice
Post # 1
I have so many questions about spells and results, just do not know who to ask. I asked one expert and offended that person, reply back that I was sorry. After that not sure how to ask about some spells without offend the person I ask. Also do not want to sound too crazy in I ask or tell.
Questions I have are:
1.Border line black magic for love spells.
2.Having ghost or other spirits visit me (I like some of the ghost but got a few things not sure that they are).
3.Dreams, should I worry about them?
4.Curse(s) not sure if I got on myself (failing at casting a spell or in general) also if someone place one on my family.
5.Trying to figure out my inner self. I saw in chat everyone has little dragon in them. I have dreams that I have angel-demon balance.
6.Summon spells, can everyone see them or just me?

If you can help it will be a great help, thanks.
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Re: Need some advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: Need some advice
Post # 3
Just hoping to get some advice before doing something crazy. I feel I did this icy hell across the US and into Canada. I am a powerful person just need to be guided in the right dircetion. Sorry if I sound mean or bad, almost out of being a good person and letting the my inner demon take over.
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Re: Need some advice
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Love spells are black magic.
Spirits you summon should be good spirits,like for protection. Not bad,not for fun.
Dreams always have a meaning.
Curses can be dangerous,but you can find a way to protect yourself and remove them.
Everyone has a balance,and everyone has a companion dragon,you just need to find the balance and befriend the dragon.
You usually can't see them,usually only feel them because they're on the astral world.
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Re: Need some advice
Post # 5
Thanks for the advice.
Not sure if the evil eating away the good in doing the things I listed below.

Some of my dreams are quite twisted. One dream was traveling to very deeps of Hell and another is making Hell on earth being blackmale from a devil. One with a lot of evil power to control people in doing stuff they normally will not do. I been plagued with evil spirits since I was a little kid. Not sure why I got picked. Does not mean I will have great power and trying to make me go evil?

For the summon spells, was thinking about succubus spell. My love life sucks and thought it might help spice it up. Now what world would the succubus be part of? If it is astral plane I will not think about it no more. The spell does not say that much. I do not want to get bored and summon it and only I can see. People will think I went insane. Every path to become friend or as a lover is block by a brick wall. Like something want me to be alone at fail at everything.

For the love spells, been trying to cast them but they seem to fail after a day to a week. I try to do a love letter that high sucess for people and for me it was a false hope. I tried on-line dating for 3+ yrs and off and on to nightclub. Mostly got a tease but nothing that last in person. Do not feel sorry for me, just need to figure out what is going on and stop it. That is why I thought about summon succubus spell so I will not be bored.

When I or my family get caught in something bad and try to defend our selves. In the beginning we get told high sucess rate to win and at the end fail no matter what the outcome was (in court). All we do feel like have to send money for something stupid and there is no right or reason why we have pay out. That is why I thought we got a curse or something to fail, lose money, and to suffer with life.

Ghosts or spirits I do see them or hear them every now and then. Strange glow in a dark room. Icy chill as went though me I think. Objects make noise then stop. Close some doors in my house and ghost or spirits gives me nightmares until the doors are open back up. If the doors are open no problems, closing them I have problems. The ghosts or spirits is my great grandmother and her husband, they usually protect me or help out point things that need to be taken care of. But there is something else that like to toy with me and make me feel I having some naughty fun when I wake up from a dream. When I wake up there is no one around but feels like something keep going and realize I woke up and stopped.
4 hours to Happy New Year's I had something surround me, I was playing a computer game (fallout new vegas). Everything around me dim down. The 2 lights I had on and the computer screen went to low light then back to normal. After that My legs and feet felt like I was in a freezer. No matter I do to stay warm around my computer. I freeze bad like something is still around and have a icy cold draft no matter what I am covered up in. I did not cast anything for a few hours after that use protection spell before and after the spell.

Did I get something mad in another plane to have this stuff happen to me?
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Re: Need some advice
Post # 6
I personally view love spells as a waste of energy, and I don't feel that the result is worth it. To me, they are a form of magic that to preform would feel inapproperiate. But that is part of my principle.

There are always spirits around on one vibrational level or another. The question only comes down to who you notice when.

You shouldn't worry about life or dreams. Enjoy both and don't let fears and stress hold you back. Learn to let go.

"failing" at casting spells doesn't indicate a curse. It Can indicate you could use a few more years of practice and study. Channeling energy usually takes a lot of effort and time invested to show any worthwhile results, and the funny part is when you become learned enough to cause effects you'll see that the majority of causes aren't worth effecting.

Figuring out who you Really are can be an very long and exausting journey. Some people simply "know" and others take years to understand. Don't expect this one to be easy, or for others to be able to do anything but offer a guideline. Hope that you can find everything you need to truly comprehend and don't relent or give up.

As for spirits, well as a general rule spirits are energy and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Its not impossible for others to see a spirit you summon, or a thought form you create ect, but its not overly Likly. And even if they do, many people will simply not comment for their own personal reasons.
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Re: Need some advice
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Well, you can speak to me about Ghosts, dreams, and inner self.
I'm very good on the topic of ghosts, because I speak to them myself. And you would be surprised about the stuff I know about the inner self and the soul
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