Blocks to Belief

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Blocks to Belief
Post # 1
Ok. Here goes. If you think I'm being fluffy, please, I don't need to hear from you.

I've had a talent for manifesting things into my life by silently making a wish for a long while, without technically casting a spell. (Hence my name: Wish_Maker) It has come and gone on it's own however, many times for several months at a time, the longest span being a year and a half before I could access it again.

Well, New year's Eve, this little talent expanded into speaking and imagining things into manifestation almost instantly. (For example: Creating a gust of wind with a mere thought or heating the water to my shower in 2 seconds, which with my pipes is a miracle in itself) And it was the most miraculous thing and I loved it.

But one thought of doubt killed it almost instantly, and I haven't been able to access it since.

My spiritual guides/Holy Guardian Angels/patron deities/you name it all say that to bring it back I have to believe in the gift again. Which is incredibly difficult for me, always has been.

Not just me either. Regardless of whether this is a psychic/spiritual ability or just a spell we really want to see manifest but can't seem to make work, we all have block to belief in our magic.

How have you all gotten over a belief block to your power?

Please discuss nicely.
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Re: Blocks to Belief
Post # 2
I find meditation and a cleansing ritual bath usually helps
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Re: Blocks to Belief
Post # 3
This is not uncommon, especially for people in this time, what you most likely need to do is cleanse like vixen mentioned and most importantly speak with mother earth via any meditation you like, i prefer meditations that connect heart to heart with her, when you do this with success and learn to re-tap into the energies around you it will come back
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