Dream meanings???

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Dream meanings???
Post # 1
Ello everyone! I have a question about my dreams lately...I have been dreaming of past events(as in things that have happened and i mean like exactly how it happened)and also things that didnt happen and yet either way there are people in my dreams that i used to know.I am really wondering if it means anything because i sometimes have dreams were what happenes in the dream happens in real life. Thanks in advance!! :)
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Re: Dream meanings???
Post # 2
Your dreams of the past mean you arnt ready to let go. As for dreaming of the future, don't be confused or worruied about it. Try meditating before you sleep. It will open your mind and third eye. See if it causes any noticeable differences in your dreams.
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Re: Dream meanings???
Post # 3
Well, for the dreams that happen in the past, most likely it is because your mind wants to go and remember those moments. For dreaming of something and the dream happening, that is called a precognition. I know because I have them a lot. Hope this helps :)
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Re: Dream meanings???
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I say keep these dreams written down, this way you can look deeper into their meanings yourself. Who can you trust more than yourself? Well, sometimes...but that's not what I mean.
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Re: Dream meanings???
By: / Novice
Post # 5
A lesson regarding introduction to dreams by our Priestess, Drakkenwitch; "... Technically speaking, a dream is a hullucination. A dream is also a fantasy journey in our sleep that either reduces our stress or tries to live out our greatest fears in the safety of our sleep. When we sleep, we get rest and relief from our waking days. In this sense, dreams are a way of relaxing and letting our minds drift away to distant worlds. In this state we can interact in a non-Physical sense with people, places, and both."

Why dont you try creating a dream diary. Keep it close to your bed and write down your dreams. Good luck to you.
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