The Down Fall of The Ego

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> The Down Fall of The Ego

The Down Fall of The Ego
Post # 1
I have noticed there are alot of people who think that they are better or all knowing, I am not pointing any fingers. I just dont think people should put down a beginner and say what they want isnt possible, because everything is infact possible and nothing is impossible it is just a matter on how you achieve the "impossible". The down fall of the ego is its self, it brings you bad karma and prevents psychic, physical, and mental growth. I am just saying my thoughts here. I am not better then anyone of you, I am just best at being me nothing else. I will leave you with a Buddhist Proverb

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

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Re: The Down Fall of The Ego
Post # 2
I don't think it's a matter of people trying to flaunt an know-it-all attitude or put down beginners. It's a matter of people who have been practicing for a long time saying what can and cannot be done based on experiences.

For all the people who want to turn into mermaids, I've never seen one.
For all the people who want to become half wolf, I've never heard of it happening.

The science of it is not currently possible to transform your person into something else. Demons, for example, are etheric/astral. They have no physical form in this plane of existence and thus cannot take form unless it is by taking a host. Knowing that, how does a person become half of something that has no physical form in the physical world that is tangible?

As upsetting as it may be, some things just cannot currently be done and have little chance of being done in the near future. It's not a matter of trying to crush dreams or make someone look better. It's stating simple truths of what can and cannot be done.

Now if someone can provide me or anyone else who says things are impossible with physical proof that it has and can be accomplished, I will take back every word. Until then, I stand by any statements made that having a fish tail without it being some sort of rare disorder, is in fact impossible (along with many other things).
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Re: The Down Fall of The Ego
Post # 3
I understand where you?re coming from.

Some people say magic isn't real, yet we know that?s untrue

Some people claim there is no afterlife yet others claim they see it

Some people say certain spells are impossible and yet you have faith in them.

If you truly believe the impossible is possible then go for it! Prove them wrong. There are countless people in history that did what others thought couldn't be done (like going to the moon, or even breathing under water!)

Though I have my views about certain spells they shouldn't bother you, what matters is not what you believe but what can you accomplish with the motivation your faith gives you.
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Re: The Down Fall of The Ego
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You will find people telling you that everything is possible and that they can accomplish it. These same people will never provide you with proof. I try very hard not to leave myself open to the possibility of anything happening, but the simple fact is with most extreme varieties of magick that claim to be able to make permanent physical changes or otherwise result in a physical force even if it was possible the effort renders it pointless. Those who actively seek out these mysteries have usually just not experienced enough to discover this aspect of magic yet and don't want to hear it.

And for those who say that these methods have simply not been fully discovered yet through magickal art, I find it highly unlikely that any current exploration of the spiritual arts is doing anything new and fancy in comparison to the exploration that has taken place for the last several thousand years. Everything is cyclical and repetition. The steam engine was created by the Greeks thousands of years before it was used to eventually create the locomotive. Why wasn't it used until only a couple of centuries ago? Human labor was cheaper and easier.

The processes of magick are very similar. Is physical change possible through magic? Probably. Why isn't it accomplished? Because the effort is not worth it. It's easier to just get up and move an object than try to exert force through telekinesis. It is easier to simply walk or take the bus than attempt to shift your mass through teleportation. Could you possibly become a mermaid or werewolf? I've not seen any evidence of it despite all of the claims, but heck... maybe it's possible But if you change yourself by some breakthrough in magical discovery that you happen upon while repeating the same old rituals and the same old spells that somebody else wrote for you (Isn't it funny how the people who seek these "new" magickal methods or believe that something new just has to be discovered rarely create and discover on their own?)... have fun dealing with the science experiments they perform on you or otherwise living out a life in cold, dark, and deep water avoiding sharks.

Even if everything is possible, everything is not wise or worth doing. This is what more experienced people primarily try to drive home. Inexperienced people would rather just believe that magick can accomplish anything without repercussion or consequence. But this discovery is part of growth, no?

If the ego is there, it's more that we're tired of dealing with people that don't seem to want to learn anything that is disappointing or difficult while they are almost always asking to be taught everything.
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Re: The Down Fall of The Ego
Post # 5
Just becasue you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it's not possible...
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No Subject
Post # 6
What physical evidence is there that magic exists, and a half demon would mean that they are physically half demon but spiritually actually entertain the thought of the impossible and maybe someday it will be possible.
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Re: The Down Fall of The Ego
Post # 7
Science is proving the possibility of magick everyday. Sometimes, they don't use the same terminology, but they are a benefit to proving our endeavors to be real.

If someone wants to turn into a demon spiritually/soul wise, that still is not overly possible as even your soul is pretty much set up as it is. Going beyond what your soul is ready for is not only idiotic, but pointless.

But no one ever says "I want my soul to be a demon" "I want to, spiritually, be a mermaid/wolf/angel/demon/god". No, they leave it as "I want to be this". It's no one else's problem that they are not able to express themselves with the proper wording to be understood. If anything, it shows a lack of focus and knowledge and further supports the idea of asking for it to be idiotic.

Now we could argue that somewhere, down the road, certain things may become possible. However, why would I say "Yes, I believe in a few centuries we can do it". I highly doubt this particular conversation will come up in a past life regression when the time is right.
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Re: The Down Fall of The Ego
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
Anything is possible in some form but not probable.

It is possible to take another form such as a mermaid or werewolf however, it is not probable that one can do this in the physical world. This feet in only possible in the astral. Understanding the difference is part of common sense and reason.

As for those putting down newbies, I don't see where people are putting them down but instead helping them to see what is possible and what is not depending on the situation. To think that anything is possible in all planes and form is fantasy. Put those ideas in the right context and they will be possible to achieve.
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