Thinking of giving up. :(

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Thinking of giving up. :(
Post # 1
I'm thinking of giving up magic. It's to much of a stress on me. Partly because all of the spells on this site is half-fiction no, infact more than half. So I don't know what to do or anything. Sometimes I wish there were somebody who lived near me who knew magic.
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Re: Thinking of giving up. :(
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Learning to practice magic is a long and winding road. It is not an easy path either. You will be challenged, confused at times as to what to do, lost in a sea of uncertainly, and swimming with your head just above water. However the positive will out way the negatives. First and for most one needs to have a good foundation in meditation and chakra work. If you have not started here that is where you problems stem from. Spells are a type of magic and also one of the hardest if you don't have an understanding of the basics. As you practice meditation and chakra work you need to read. Grounding and centering is a part of meditation along with energy manipulation. You need to learn to move energy into and out of your body.

Read up on magical uses of stones/gems, herbs, candles, incense, symbols, and color correspondences. Learn you elements and all thing connected to them such as directions, zodiac signs, and such. Learn your moon phases and your sun correspondences. Astrology is connected to magical workings.

If you need help try asking specific questions here in the forums or join a coven and ask there. If you really want to give up magic because it is too much for you then do so. Everyone takes breaks from it. I have been practicing for over 20 years and I have taken several breaks from it do to my mundane life. I have learned though threw the years how to balance the two better and make them one in the same but it takes time and practice.
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