Contact my spirit guide?

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Contact my spirit guide?
Post # 1
I had frequent dreams of the same thing when I was younger (around 5 and 6.) It was always the same:

I would be in a car with my dad driving along. We would enter a dump and drive into the center. He would give me a yorkie chocolate bar and I would turn around and he would be gone. I get really scared and then (I think the next part is because I was a child) all these broken or stained toys would come out and come around me silently and I would literally trembling, they felt so evil, in the dream. Then this white hooded lady would come and there was a bright white light surrounding her. I never get a good look at her because of the hood. But I think she has grey or black hair and she looks around her 30's.

Then the dream ends just like that. Remember, this was a few years ago yet I can remember it perfectly.

Then my dad died last year. When I got myself together again I realized the dream might be telling me something. My dad disapeared in the dream. My dad died in real life. A connection, I think.

My mum said this might be my spirit guide. I hope to see her again because I have thought about this and want to know more about her and what I need to know.
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Re: Contact my spirit guide?
Post # 2
look up spirit guide meditations on google. i have never done one so cant help much...

i have four guardians, all fairies, one of which i talk to every day...the other 3 i dont communicate with much but they are there. i wonder if the one i talk to the most could be my spirit guide?

she told me we were sisters in another life
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