Unuasual Binding Request

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Unuasual Binding Request

Unuasual Binding Request
Post # 1
I am sure i will sound crazy in asking this, but I need to know.
I am looking to see if anyone knows of a binding spell to bind ones self to an object. More for a solid connection to whoever has it without having to actualy bind person to person.
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Re: Unuasual Binding Request
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
More specifics would have to be known. Particularly the reason for the binding and what you would like the binding to accomplish.

Send me a mail and I'll do what I can to help out.
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Re: Unuasual Binding Request
Post # 3
I do not have an answer to your request but am curious and would like to share information on this matter.

When you mean to bind yourself to this object, do you mean to say that you will be binding your soul, heart or mind?

Possible results of binding:

Binding of the soul - Possibly the most powerful as you would be tied to the object. For example, should you die, the part of your soul that lives in your body would join the part that lives in the soul-bound object (also known as a phylactery). A phylactery may be any item, the plainer and less expensive-looking the better, think of Lord of the Rings, and how Sauron uses a plain gold ring to bind his soul to.

Binding of the heart - You would feel through the object and it would pass its senses to you. For example, should someone touch the object, you could feel them and they may in turn transfer feelings from them to you and you to them.

Binding of the mind - You would gain the knowledge of the object. The objects properties and past would become clearer to you. For example, it would be useful to store memories into the object this way by thinking them away into the object. It could be used as a library or storage facility and could be extremely useful to add much knowledge to, for example a book (Grimoire) would be an excellent object choice, as the notes within the Grimoire may help organize the memories.
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Re: Unuasual Binding Request
Post # 4
AwakeTooLong ~ Thank you.
LordDrominus ~ Also thank you. And I am not sure, I had been thinking heart and soul. It depends on who I would chose to safekeep it for me, what would work best for the situation, and safty is, starting recently, my main concern when doing anything.
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