A good unbinding spell

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A good unbinding spell
Post # 1
My ex boyfriend told me when we were still together that he put a binding spell so strong on us that it would put one of my family members in jeopardy if we broke up. Well we have been broken up for a month and my grandma is really sick in the hospital and does not seem to get better...and he specifically said it would be her that he chose b/c she is old. I need to remove this spell, I do not want to reverse it just remove it.

My friend told me as long as I don't believe in it, it will not happen..I did not believe in it..but she has been in the hospital for over a month now. Please help. White Magic is preferred.
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Re: A good unbinding spell
Post # 2
Have you tried protection spells and healing spells?

You should use protection and healing spells on your grandmother for now. And if you can you should contact your ex and tell him to break this "curse."

Hope all goes well.
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Re: A good unbinding spell
Post # 3
check this spell it helped me when I had trouble with a girl I knew
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Re: A good unbinding spell
By: / Adept
Post # 4
First of all, are you sure your boyfriend even does magic or has a family member who does? This may not be as far-fetched as some would think, since many cultures use magic quite frequently, curses too.

Number two, you do not have to believe in magic for it to work. That is a bunch of new age garbage. If a spell is cast properly with intent it will work regardless if the target believes in it - or even knows about it. So if you think there's a good chance there is actually a spell cast, then i'd take care of it.

Number three, the good thing is that simple curses are relatively easy to remove. Do the work and don't fret over it. if you constantly obsess about the spell and your grandma's health, then you'll be feeding the spell energy. Again, take care of it and then be at peace, confident that the spell is gone.

Number four, your work can be as complex or as simple as you can manage. ideally you would do cleansing work, followed by uncrossing or unjinxing work, followed by protection or blessing work. My first stop would be to research such spells at They have a fantastic database of real, proven, traditional spells plus a pretty excellent forum where you'll get solid advice with no judgement. I also have a collection of spells on my blog:

I would start with removing absolutely anything that your ex gave you including letters, gifts, photos, etc. Throw them away. Next do a series of cleansing baths for you, coupled with a spiritual house cleaning. I like at least seven days worth of baths. You'll find instructions on how to take spiritual baths on both my site and lucky mojo.

I would try to incorporate something for your grandma. She probably wont be cool with doing spiritual baths herself, but there are sneaky ways to add some cleansing to her: add some cleansing oil to her shampoo, have her drink mint tea that you've blessed and prayed over, do some candlework for her, hide a mojo bag under her bed, etc. Again, do your research on lucky mojo. I have some healing spells on my blog too.

After your cleansing baths, or at the same time, find an uncrossing/unjinxing spell that you can do. These can be simple or complex. Research this online.

Following this work, you may want to also look into some blessing and/or protection work for both you and your grandma. What you've done is basically swept yourself clean spiritually. It's nice to add some blessing work to that clean slate.

If you think your ex is doing constant work, like regularly doing magic against you, then you will need to repeat your efforts on some sort of regular basis. Fortunately most people just aren't this crazy, but you would know best. In that case, i highly recommend doing some protection work and keeping that up.

Best of luck!
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Re: A good unbinding spell
Post # 5
Chin 797 the spell that you sent me did not come up on my computer for some reason :/ could you possibly send me the name?

Lydgry, my grandmother is bed ridden in the hospital idk how i am going to put anything in her bath or under her bed. I could try the thing with the tea..I am so pissed at my ex, I have a friend who is really good at dark magick and he isn't friends with my ex maybe I should ask him for some help too huh?

I am fairly new with magick I have only done a few protection spells and banishing spells and a couple of binding..but I have never learned to unbind. My ex taught me a lot of what he knows but when things went sour thats when I actually realized what really is happening. Thank you.
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Re: A good unbinding spell
Post # 6
I don't know if your still dealing with this problem, but I am fairly proficient with removing harmful effects from others. Unfortunately, my brand of magick requires one to be willing to take the harm upon themselves, so if your willing to be the target of your boyfriend's curse, simply recite this spell;

Earth water fire air,
Show me what
Show me where
Let the light be my guide
And shadows the sword bound to my side
Listen well for my family I care
My lover's curse I'll gladly bear
Remove it from _____
Give it to me
As I will
So mote it be.

As you can probably tell, this spell is specific to your situation, so i hope that it will work more effectively. Also, it helps if you are with your relative when you use it, and that you visualize the black energy of her sickness traveling to you and green energy traveling from the earth to you to her. essentially an energy exchange.
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Re: A good unbinding spell
Post # 7
Well binding spells aren't easy to break and he sounds crazy and black magic sounds like the way to go because killing the object of objection (Which here is him) would end it for good and it would be evening the score no karma debt (If your one the people who believe in that)
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Re: A good unbinding spell
Post # 8
Do anyone know a good unbinding spell a female had binded my boyfriend and she turned him against me i dont know what to do we got a baby on the way
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