Could I get advice?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Could I get advice?

Could I get advice?
Post # 1
This is non-magick related, but something that has been ailing me for a while now. I feel I may be able to get the most insight here. Possibly.

Alright, so I'm nothing more than a teenager, nuff said. But, I have this crush. Which I've had for about 2 years.... I have no idea why I have a crush on him, but I read somewhere if you have a crush for longer than 4 months it's supposedly love.

But here's another thing, I'm dating someone, and so is he. But I had a crush on him before he started dating his girlfriend (Who is one of my close friends) and before I started dating my boyfriend.

But for some strange reason unbeknownst to myself, there's just something about him... and I don't know what. Whether it's the fact he kind of resembles my dream guy, or is scarily similar to my boyfriend, or another reason, but I know, for some reason I have indeed had a crush on him for about 2 years and I just don't know what it means or what I should do. I mean, when I look in his eyes, I get that funny-fuzzy feeling you get when you look into your loved ones eyes. The same feeling I get with my boyfriend.

Of course I love my boyfriend, and I'd never want to hurt my friend, but if I were to truly get in depth in both of our relationships it may help more, but I already know I sound like a confused hormonal teen. XD But, I just need to know if anyone has some sort of advice for me. If you need to ask questions, go ahead, I'll answer whatever is needed. I just don't know what my connection to this guy is.
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Re: Could I get advice?
Post # 2
You have a classic case here.
I will tell you now, having a crush for over 4 months is not necessarily love. Not at all. I mean it's possible, but not necessarily true.

Now then, I have a theory:
I believe that you originally liked him because A) he resembles your dream guy. But you noticed that over time he just wasn't asking you out, so then this teenage phenomena kicked in, where what you think you can't have, you want more than ever. So the mystery of, "what could be" is what keeps you so entranced with this boy.
You are not necessarily in love, I personally think you have a thing for a cute guy that you've just been waiting to get your hands for two years.

Love is not something that is taken lightly in the heart, mind, and soul. It is a lasting thing. And let me tell you, that what you want now, is not always what you want when you're 30.

- Rev
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Re: Could I get advice?
Post # 3
What you say is true Reverie, thank you. It does help me out. The one funny thing I notice is, I'm on vacation right now, and I only see him at school, well he isn't on my mind as much. XD Thanks. It helps a lot. And until the day I finally tell the guy I have/had a thing for him, I prolly won't get over him. XD
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